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Must-need 10 Best 6.7 Cummins Upgrades with Guidelines

Whenever you consider engines that do not emit a lot of smoke and are environment-friendly, the 6.7 Cummins diesel engine is one to look out for.

Moreover, with the latest the best 6.7 Cummins upgrades, the output of the engine is even better as it comes with enhanced torque and superior on-road vehicle performance.

For those owning RAM 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks, the Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel is an ideal option for the most powerful diesel engines. 

Such an engine helps produce a maximum of 400 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of clean diesel force, making it ideal for the RAM to deliver top-tier towing capacity. 

Alongside AISIN AS69RC automatic transmission (six-speed), the RAM 3500, driven by the Cummins power, enhances the capacity to toe weight of over 31,000 pounds. 

Such an incredible engine gives unparalleled mileage/fuel efficiency and covers a lifespan up to 15,000 thousand miles at regular intervals of an oil change.

Hence, it is the power and dependability that one can generally rely on.

The 10 Best 6.7 Cummins Upgrades

Taking about the performance upgrades on the Cummins, here is something worth considering:

01. Turbo Systems Upgrade

Turbo systems in your engine can be advantageous for your vehicle. Here is how:

More Power: Turbochargers are the other name for Turbo systems. Such engine parts help in extracting the exhaust waste gases from your engine.

Turbo systems compress the air into the cylinders, which helps the engine to produce more power.

Therefore, when this system is present in your engine, you can have better mileage due to more power.

No Noise: Due to the presence of powerful engines, vehicles, and heavy-duty trucks tend to make more noise.

However, with this upgraded feature, there won’t be that much noise since the turbocharger will decrease the intake or exhaust.

Cost: As far as the turbocharger’s price is concerned, it usually begins from about 400 USD and the higher-priced ones are also available.

However, it entirely depends upon your engine’s brand and model.

Installation: Such an upgraded feature enables you to place this system strategically on your engine.

It can get boiling while running and should be placed as close as possible to the engine’s exhaust. 

Why so? Because if there is any distance between the Turbo system and exhaust, the exchange of gases will be delayed, ultimately declining engine performance.

Hence, it is recommended that professionals should always install the Turbochargers.

02. Upgrade the Bypass Kit

Bypass Kit is also another 6.7 Cummins upgrade that can be valuable for your engine:

Damage Reduction: Almost all engines come with fuel pumps that are quite susceptible to break, especially during an accident.

Such pumps are costly. Bypass kits ensure that you are saved from such a costly affair. 

Though such kits can’t prevent the pumps from damaging the function so that the pumps endure lesser damages so that you don’t dig a massive hole in your pocket!

Removes Dirt: This kit does filter the dirt from the fuel and lets it through to the pump, thus preventing debris from sneaking into the expensive parts of the engine, such as the injectors.

Improves Engine Life: A Bypass Kit improves the engine’s longevity since they improve the quality of fuel and the flow. 

Pricing: Such a kit is quite reasonable in terms of price. Its price doesn’t go over 150 USD. A few oil samples also are included in the package.

Not only this, but you can also significantly save on your fuel expenses by as many as 300 USD.

Installation: Like a few other upgrades, this kit will need professional help for installation as they are designed using advanced technology, and hence a DIY job won’t be good enough to install them.

However, the advantage you get here is that you won’t need to spend additional dollars to get them installed.

03. 6.7 Cummins Upgrades: Reform the Cold Air Intake Filters

The best Cold Air Intake Filters is an upgrade that can help to boost your engine in the following ways:

Boosts Engine Horsepower: Such an upgrade helps to improve the horsepower of your engine significantly.

Intake Filters bring in more cold and dense air to your engine, which helps it deliver more power.

Not only is more power generated by the engine due to this dense air (since the engine becomes more powerful), but it also helps to maximize fuel economy too.

Enhanced Vehicle Responsiveness: Due to the intake filters’ presence, the vehicle becomes more responsive and operates efficiently according to your commands; for instance, when you press the accelerator, you’ll get a much better vehicle response.

Long-lasting: One other significant advantage in opting for such an upgrade is that you won’t need to change the filter until your vehicle has run for about 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Hence, you have a significant reduction in expenses in regards to replacement and maintenance.

Price: Usually, the price of such filters ranges between 50 and 1000 USD. One needs to opt for one depending on the engine’s make and model, features, and manufacturer’s brand.

However, a filter ranging between 300 and 400 USD is good enough to get the job done.

Installation: Those who want to install these filters themselves must have some fundamental knowledge about the engine. Generally, it takes about two hours to install them.

04. Enhancement of the DPF Deletion

With this particular upgrade, you can have your engine deliver maximum output. It’s an upgrade that has made the 6.7 Cummins go up to the next level as far as mileage is concerned. 

Filter Removal: One major reason that the 6.7 Cummins does not deliver quality mileage is due to a part called the Diesel Particulate Filter or the PDF.

The filter causes a major hindrance in increasing mileage; therefore, this upgrade that removes this DPF is a significant advantage to the engine’s power and performance.

With dirt and debris, these filters can be easily clogged or blocked. Hence, it can be an added disadvantage for your vehicle.

So, to counter these challenges, you can use DPF Delete Kits and use them to improve your engine’s power, performance and longevity.

Price: As far as the price is concerned, it’s a touch expensive for an upgrade.

Usually, a delete kit can be available somewhere between 2000 to 4000 USD, including the cost of installation through an expert.

Installation: No way can a DPF Kit be installed without the help of an expert.

This needs to be installed with great caution as there is a possibility of other engine parts getting damaged while programming the DPF removal. Hence, it’s definitely not a DIY job.

05. Boost Extra Power on Injectors

Let’s now look at the Nitrous Oxide Injectors, another new upgrade in the 6.7 Cummins.

Injects Oxygen and Nitrogen Gas: With this new injector upgrade, it is now possible to inject nitrogen and oxygen gas into the exhaust system, making the engine much cooler. How?

Because these injectors reduce the distance of exhaust uses much denser air, hence your car engine becomes powerful and responsive.

Longevity: Such injectors are popular for increasing the engine life and also help to maintain the heat temperatures. Using the right-sized injectors will be fruitful for the engine. 

Price: In regards to the price, these injectors are available in the range of 200 to 700 USD. One needs to pick one depending upon the engine’s make and model.

Installation: Like some of the new upgrades in the 6.7 Cummins, the installation part is no amateur job.

Though installing them won’t take up a lot of time, but you’d certainly need a helping hand from a professional. 

Installing these injectors will need positioning, drilling of nitrous plates, and other parts, which won’t be possible without an expert.

06. Install & Update the Nerf Bars

Another significant upgrade in the 6.7 Cummins includes the Nerf Bars. Let’s check their advantages:

Offers Support: For those who own a truck, this upgrade is significant. Nerf Bars aren’t just an optional upgrade but are the need of the hour.

Such bars are placed at the bottom of your truck and used as a strep that supports your feet when climbing into the truck.

Having Nerf Bars is extremely useful for those truck owners who are having kids and travel in trucks.

Suitable for All Weather: Such bars are ideal since it makes it easy for people to travel anywhere in the trucks, but they can be highly useful in harsh weather.

Whenever you are traveling through thick snow or a flood, there is no better support than these bars. 

All-in-all, they are ideal for your vehicle not only when it’s traveling on but off the road too. 

Grip: Many of these bars are available with rubber pads, which hold quicker and offer a better grip.

Price: The price of the bars varies in the range from 80 to 800 USD.

However, what device you’d pick will depend upon the material you want, the additional features, brand name, and of course, the engine makes and model.

Installation: Such gear would need expert assistance for installation. They are relatively easy to install since one can get additional installation hardware along with them.

A few cars have mounting holes; however, if your vehicle doesn’t have them, you’d need drilling. Usually, it takes about one to two hours max to install these gears.

07. Spray-on Bed-liner Upgradation

One other significant 6.7 Cummins upgrades are the Spray-on Bed-Liner. Here are a few details about it.

Waterproofing: Bed liners are a necessary upgrade as they act as weather or waterproof for your truck’s bed.

Spray bed liners are the most suitable ones to pick as they are free-size, and hence you won’t need to worry about picking an inappropriate bed liner size.

Easy to Apply: Applying these liners is easy. Such an upgrade is an ideal option to keep the exterior of the truck looking new.

Also, they don’t get out of their place due to the vehicle’s jarring and jerking. 

Longevity: Such a liner ensures that the longevity of your truck is increased to a great extent.

Price: Liners usually cost in the range of 400 to 500 USD. However, a few advanced ones and those loaded with special features cost about 1000 USD.

Installation: A few bed liners would need expert assistance to install them; however, you can spray them on your own.

Professional help is recommended for those who are unaware of the technicalities of the spray.

Also, when you are spraying yourself, take protection for your eyes and use a mask.

08. All Terrain Compact Tires

Tires are also an essential upgrade for the 6.7 Cummins. Here is how.

Impact: The importance of tires can never be undermined.

Tires impact your vehicle speed, your engines’ power, your vehicle’s responsiveness, and the smoothness of driving. 6.7 Cummins has decent tires, and hence you have an enhanced experience in truck driving.

Noise: Larger wheels generate lesser noise compared to smaller wheels because they are stronger and generate more speed.

Hence, for a better and smoother driving experience, it’s always better to choose larger tires.

Price: The Cost of tires increases as per size. However, in general, the costs of all-weather tires vary between 150 to 300 USD.

Those from higher brands will be expensive, but if you are looking for cheap ones, they are as low as 45 USD.

Installation: Installing new tires is easy, though the difficult thing is to screw the bolts, which would need a lot of strength.

With a jack and valve system available, the installation will hardly take two hours.

09. Head Studs Enhancement

One of the 6.7 Cummins upgrades is Head studs, which are extremely useful for the engine.

Power: To generate maximum power out of the engine, you’d need head studs. Without such an upgrade, you might find issues with the engine.

Price: Such gear/head stud kit usually varies from 400 USD to about 1100 USD for more specialized ones.

Installation: Do not try to install them on your own if you aren’t aware of their technical features. Always take expert help.

Tuners: Let’s now take a look at one other important Cummins upgrade that is the Tuners.

Accurate Data: With Tuners, you can monitor all the vehicle data from your vehicle’s driving seat, like fueling, injection timing, etc.

Price: Between 300-500 USD.

Installation: Manual installation is easy, but if you have no idea, take professional help.

Dodge Ram 6.7 Cummins Upgrades: Top Selections


No matter whatever upgrade you are using for your vehicle, always remember that they must be legal, safe, and compatible with your vehicle.

What you don’t want is to use any upgrade that can ruin your engine. Good Luck!

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