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Top 10 Best WJ Lift Kits Review [Best Choices With User Guide]

Enhance the performance of your vehicle with the best WJ lift kit, which primarily consists of spacers for increasing height. Spacers, apart from height enhancement, also improve your vehicle’s efficiency during off-road performance.

Invest in quality lift kits and extend the quality of your driving experience. A lot of individuals are passionate about heavy vehicles like Jeeps, which are also high maintenance and need regular checks.

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Best Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit: Top Pics

Photo Title Buy
Rough Country 2 Rough Country 2" Lift Kit for 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 4WD - 69530 Buy On Amazon
Rough Country Front...image Rough Country Front Adjustable Track Bar for 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ - 1084 Buy On Amazon
Lift kit BB...image Lift kit BB Budget Boost 2.5" + 2" spring spacers Fits: 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Buy On Amazon
Supreme Suspensions -...image Supreme Suspensions - Full Lift Kit for 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee WJ 2" Front + 2" Rear Suspension Lift High-Density Delrin Spring Spacers 2WD 4WD (Black) Buy On Amazon
Rough Country Front...image Rough Country Front Sway Bar Disconnects for 1999-2004 Jeep WJ 3-6" - 1131 Buy On Amazon
Rough Country 2 Rough Country 2" Lift Kit for 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ - 695 Buy On Amazon
AJP Distributors Compatible/Replacement...image AJP Distributors Compatible/Replacement For Grand Cherokee Wj Off Road Front Rear 2.5" 2.5 Inch Leveling Lift Kit Coil Spring Upgrade Black Buy On Amazon
Black 2 Black 2" Front Rear Leveling Lift Polyurethane Compatible With Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2004(4 pcs) Buy On Amazon
AJP Distributors Compatible/Replacement...image AJP Distributors Compatible/Replacement For Grand Cherokee Wj Off Road Front Rear 2" 2 Inch Leveling Lift Kit Coil Spring Upgrade Black Buy On Amazon
Qiilu AUTO PARTS...image Qiilu AUTO PARTS 2" Front & Rear Suspension Lift Kit fit Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Buy On Amazon

Lift kits and high-performance shocks improve the tires’ life by reducing the impact on it during effective bounces. With the installation of spacers, you no longer have to stress your co-passengers comfortability and safety.

The Top 10 Best WJ Lift Kits Review 2021

However, choosing the perfect lift kit for your vehicle will require a lot of thought. If you, too, are looking for such versatile lift kits, we can help you with some of the best ones.

Below are reviews of some lifting spacers and their buying considerations.

01. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ with High-Density Delrin Spring Spacers


If you are looking ahead to modifying your Cherokee WJ, you can uplift its height apart from other changes. By doing so, you will enhance its off-road performance and have a new experience altogether.

Accessories from Supreme suspensions will provide you with all the necessities.

Height Enhancement

With these spacers, you can increase the height of your Cherokee by more than two inches. Not only it contains a suspension lift for the front spacing but also the rear spacing. Thus, you will have a balanced look for your vehicle.

With designs by professional experts, they fit in perfectly in heavy-duty vehicles.


Since the spacers have high tensile strength and, thus, do not break or wear quickly. Once purchased, you can remain tension-free as it has exceptional durability. You do not have to worry about its quality as it goes through precise tests during manufacturing.


If you already have some basic knowledge about Cherokee modifications, you can fix the spacers all by yourself. Follow the instructions in the user’s manual to understand the installation procedure.

You will need only the necessary tools during the process. But you can always make a visit to a garage and ask a professional to do that for you.


  • Promotes better riding experience
  • Ideal for heavy-duty purposes
  • Enhances the overall look
  • Increases ground clearance


  • Needs around 4-hour installation

02. Supreme Suspensions High-Crystalline Delrin Front Spring Spacers Full Lift Kit for Grand Cherokee


For improving the performance of your Cherokee, try heightening the foundation of lifts. Purchase height-enhancing spacers from Supreme Suspensions and provide your ride a new look.

They are perfect for heavy-duty and off-road vehicles and support higher ground clearance on rocky surfaces. 

Excellent Strength

Apart from increasing the height by 2.5 inches of your Cherokee, it can also withstand its heavyweight. They pass through vigorous testing procedures after production and have excellent strength due to thermoplastic materials in it.

Although the installation is pretty easy, it provides the same riding experience as a new one.


As these spacers’ installation procedures do not require any special equipment, they give the user the utmost convenience. With just the necessary tools, you can easily fit these spacers between the axels and the leaf springs.

Within almost four to five hours, your vehicle will be ready to use. All you need is some basic installation knowledge.

Kit Components

Along with two numbers of rear and front spacers, the kit consists of series shocks. To provide proper instructions for installation, it also accompanies a user manual and suspension pack.

With proper installation, your vehicle will have an outgoing appearance and will also make your driving manageable.


  • Material can resist corrosion
  • Innovative designs by experts
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting
  • Ultimate driving comfort


  • Spacer thickness & height differs

03. Front-Rear Budget Boost 2.5 inch High-Quality Easy Installation Cherokee Spacers


If you are facing issues while driving your Cherokee, consider giving it a new dimension by increasing its foundation height. Invest in a pair of suspension spacers and enhance the entire look of your vehicle.

Spring spacers from JGC Parts are cost-efficient and also ensures that you achieve a great riding experience. 

Size of Spacers

JGC Parts in their kit offers two spacers with two different dimensions. One spacer for the front with a height of 2.5 inches while the other for the rear with two inches.

Each of them efficiently fits between the leaf spring and does not require any further changes in configuration. It’s an expert designing structure that does not require any dismantling. 


Since the installation does not require any specialized tools, it is easy to install even by an unprofessional with basic knowledge. For proving its convenience, it also does not require any changes in shocks and brakes.

Apart from increasing the height, these spacers also provide the utmost safety as it can withstand heavy pressure on them.


With these spacers’ support, one who prefers using large tires can easily fit into the vehicle. Wheels with larger radii can comfortably fit and do not require any trimming until 31 inches diameter wheels.

However, it is advisable to check the aligning once the installation is complete.


  • Oil and water-resistant
  • Installation guide without any cost
  • No compromise in the loading capacity
  • Excellent strength


  • Trimming necessary above 31-inches tiers

04. JSD AUTO PARTS 2 inch Direct Replacement Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit fit Grand Cherokee WJ


Maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles is essential. They are primarily dedicated to those obsessed with traveling in rocky mountains or taking short trips in the hills every weekend. You may consider providing your Cherokee an uplift of height.

Modifying the suspension lift will enhance its off-road performance and will also boost up its look.


With these two inches spacers for lifting the vehicle’s height, there will also be an improvement in ride quality. Drivers can experience its performance and its excellent stiffness.

You don’t have to worry about its feature of withstanding the heavyweight, neither there are changes in load capacity.


Although the installation is relatively easy for placing the spacers, you will need the basic toolset. With minimum knowledge and following the instructions available online, you can easily install them.

However, to ensure better safety, you must adjust the vehicle’s alignment with the tires before hitting the road.


Since the material comprises a high-quality thermoplastic, the pair of spacers are resistant to corrosion. They have excellent strength and do not require any disassembling after every use.

Once installed, it will provide a long-lasting experience. During manufacturing, they undergo multiple testing and thus provide precise performance.  


  • Two Inches heightening spacers
  • Ideal for increasing heights of coils
  • No specialized installation tools are necessary
  • Heavy-duty applications


  • Requires trimming for large wheels

05. Rusty’s Off-Road Simple Bolt-on Installation 2.5-inch Basic Suspension Lift Kit Compatible with 99-04 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee


With the usage of these suspension lifting kits, give your WJ Grand Cherokee its deserving look. Return back its performance in off-roads and reduce the impact while passing through road bumps.

Its professionally designed structures are ideal for heavy-duty uses and also provide the riders with a fantastic experience. If you are planning to invest in modifications of your Cherokee, start by enhancing its height.


With these 2.5 inches coil springs, you will find an ideal replacement for the original worn-out springs. However, you must ensure its fitting as per your vehicle’s version, as all coil springs differ in each variety.

Since the manufacturers follow the latest technology in designing these coil springs, they are wear-resistant. You can comfortably use it even for extensive driving.

Weight Capacity

Since these coil springs have high tensile strength, they can withstand heavy weights quite conveniently. Along with improving ground clearance, it also helps enhance the vehicle’s load capacity by multiple times.

Thus, you can easily use your car for heavy-duty applications without any tension or impact due to extra load.

Performing Shocks

Rusty’s Off-Road kit also accompanies two pairs of shocks, which help in reducing the bounces in the Cherokee while passing through rough terrain or surfaces on the road.

Thus, they increase the driving ability of the driver giving him maximum stability and balance along with a smooth ride. Hence, passengers in the vehicles can also experience the difference from the earlier configuration compared to the present one. 


  • Improves riding quality
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy procedure for installation 
  • In-house production


  • Shocks wear off gradually

06. Daystar Made from High-Density Polyurethane Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee 2 Inch Lift Kit with fits 1999 to 2004 2/4WD, all Transmissions


If you wonder how some Jeep WJ Cherokee seems more massive than the others, the trick lies in their heights. Most heavy-duty vehicles attach spacers in between the springs and the axels.

Thus, resulting in height enhancement along with improvement in performance. Daystar offers quality spacers, which increase the height by almost two inches.


Many people think that spacers reduce the capacity of vehicles, but that is not true. Quality lift kits like Daystar’s spacers are efficient in improving the experience of driving in rocky terrain and its capacity.

Thus, these spacers do not sacrifice the load capacity of the vehicle. They have excellent strength and can withstand heavyweights.


Daystar Lift kit has an innovative design and follows the latest structures of engineering experts dealing with automobiles. As the material is of polyurethane and has high tensile strength along with density.

Thus, it provides exceptional stiffness for heavy-duty applications.

Easy to Use

Any individual with basic knowledge of cars and their various parts is capable of attaching the spacers in the vehicle. Since there is no requirement of any special tools in its installation, any basic tool kit is sufficient for its fixation.

Within a few hours, your vehicle will have a similar structure like it was at the purchase time. Also, it will provide you with a fantastic riding experience. 


  • Ideal for large diameter tires
  • No requirement of frequent disassembling
  • Robust, sturdy, and durable
  • No need of changing attachments


  • Does not include shocks

07. Liftcraft Low Friction and Excellent Dimensional Stability Fits 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Lift Kit


Are you facing some driving issues with your WJ Grand Cherokee? Before you look further, enhance your vehicle’s performance by introducing suspension lifts.

Apart from better driving abilities, it will also give your heavy-duty vehicle a different look altogether. They are safe and also ensure a better riding quality for you as well as other passengers. 

Durable Material

Since the latest and innovative thermoplastic material is required in its manufacturing, these spacers provide excellent durability. They also serve with the necessary stiffness and have reduced frictional functions.

Along with a great dimension, these spacers also help in maintaining good vehicle dynamics. You will not have to worry about its fitting and excellent strength as it also improves the loading capacity.

Savior from Impacts

As these heavy-duty vehicles are mostly applicable for rough surfaces and uneven roads, they must have excellent off-road performance. While passing through bumps and large potholes, they have a significant impact on the vehicle.

But, if you install these suspension spacers, they will help in reducing the effect by increasing its height from the surface. Thus, keeping other components of the vehicles safe and intact.


Often people assume that installing spacers require professional skills, but that is not true. With these leveling lifts, one can independently install without the requirement of any specialized skills.

They also do not need any unique tools. With the help of a simple toolkit, these spacers are fixable. 


  • Professional manufacturing designs
  • Maintains factory type driving quality
  • Resistant to corrosion 
  • Ideal for larger tires


  • Requires post-installation alignment

08. Supreme Suspensions Easy Bolt-on Installation Full Lift Kit for 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee WJ


Apart from the regular maintenance of tires, fuel tank, etc., it is also essential to invest in suspension spacers and shocks. Both of them support extending the vehicle’s longevity along with reducing the wear and tear of the tires.

As frequent change of tires can be quite expensive. Thus one must try to minimize the impact on it.

High Tensile Strength

Since the spacers use high-quality thermoplastic materials, they have low friction versatility and maximum stiffness. Due to this, they also have a significant amount of tensile strength.

With the durability of the material, you can expect a long-lasting height enhancement object in your vehicle. Thus, these spacers help with withstanding heavyweight during heavy-duty applications.

High-Performance Shocks

Along with the spacers for both rear and front, the kit also includes four high-performance shocks. They will help in reducing the wear in tiers that usually occurs due to massive impact.

Reducing the bounces while hitting uneven road surfaces with force, spacers minimize the effect on the tires. As a result, they also give maximum comfort to the passengers.

Installation Instructions

Although installation does not require any professional expert. But it is better to know the necessary vehicle installation skills for better security and protection. Ensure to check the alignment after completing the procedure, which takes only a few hours.


  • Does not sacrifice load capacity
  • Resistant to corrosion and is waterproof
  • Improves driving ability and comfort
  • Performs well on off-road areas


  • Larger tiers require trimming.

09. Street Dirt Track Fits 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 2WD 4WD Rear Lift Kit


Maintenance costs of heavy-duty vehicles like WJ Cherokee can be relatively high. But taking proper care at the right time, there can be visible minimization in the expenses. Likewise, investing in the right equipment will also help like a lift kit for height enhancement.

As they are commonly known, spacers increase the height of the vehicle and thus reduce the impact during bounces. Such spacers from Street Dirt Track are durable and long-lasting.

Reduces Wearing

Most effects on the vehicles’ tires are results while driving on rocky roads or while taking a trip off-road. For reducing this impact, spacers are quite helpful as they improve the ground clearance of the vehicle.

They are convenient as you do not have to change the brake lines or control arms. Thus, giving an extending life to the tires and reducing the frequency of their replacement.


Installation of spacers does not have any effect on the capacity of the vehicle. They instead improve the load capacity and can withstand weight better than before. Post-installation of spacers, you can feel the improvement in the driving abilities as well.

Their excellent strength and stiffness will give you more enjoyment in your driving experience.


While mentioning the size of the spacers, they are ideal for installing in Jeep Cherokee WJ. With the provision of enhancing the height by three inches, it will provide your vehicle the aggressiveness you were looking for.  


  • High tensile strength
  • Oil-proof and resistant to corrosion
  • Improves riding quality of co-passengers
  • Ideal for large tires


  • Kit does not include shocks

10. Rough Country Easy at Home Bolt-On Installation Supported 2-inch Lift Kit (fits) 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 4WD


To provide your Cherokee with better stability and performance after a few years of purchase, invest in spacers. They will help in improving the driving experience and will also enhance the vehicle’s overall appearance.

If you are using your Cherokee for heavy-duty applications, spacers must enhance their loading capacity.


For better security and safety, it is advisable to seek professional help for installing these spacers. Necessary screws and nuts accompany the kit, so you do not have to waste time searching for the perfect ones.

However, you will need an essential toolset for the installation, and it will need a few hours for the process.

Improves Efficiency

Spacers not only increase the height of the vehicle; it ensures improving the ground clearance. Next time you drive in the off-road areas, you will feel like driving a new car, directly after the purchase.

Spacers help in withstanding weight rather than compromising load capacity. You can be stress-free for your next heavy weighing uses. With the provision of increasing the height by two inches, you will improve the look of your vehicle.

By reducing the impact of bounces on the tires, it will also reduce their wear.


Spacers by Rough Country ensure extra protection and safety for the vehicle as well as its riders. Apart from tires’ longevity, it also provides that the other components attached below the car do not suffer.

While passing through rough surfaces, spacers reduce the impact, thus allowing the driver to remain comfortable.


  • Maximum stiffness
  • Enables fixing of large wheels
  • Safety for passengers
  • Lifetime usage


  • Requires alignment post-installation

Buying Considerations of the Best Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit

Choosing the perfect lift kit for your vehicle may seem challenging in the first place. Since there are a lot of varieties available, choosing the right one will need a lot of thinking. But with the below-mentioned factors, the process will become easier.

Are you planning to improve the look of your vehicle by increasing its height off the ground? These factors are essential while you plan to invest in some quality spacers or lift kit.


One of the most essential factors while purchasing any product for your vehicle will be its price. There are many different ranges of lift kits available, and you may choose according to your convenience.

Investing in a quality kit will ensure its performance and efficiency. It is essential to decide on a budget before you set out to explore the various products. You may also avail of the multiple deals that the seller offers.


Spacers are available in different sizes in terms of their height. The spacer thickness and the lift height may vary, which you will have to adjust during installation. Usually, the height of the spacers ranges from two inches to three and a half inches.

Some kits have the same size for both front and rear applications, while others may have different sizes. You must ensure the type that will suit your needs.


While selecting a lift kit, ensure that it is easy to install. Although most of the spacers do not require any professional skills, ensuring beforehand will make things easier. They do not require any specialized tools, but only the necessary for installing hardware.

You will need the general installation skills for attaching spacers, which will need only a few hours for the entire procedure. However, if you are not sure, you must seek an expert’s help.

Also, follow the instructions on the user’s manual that accompanies the kit. It would be better if you also make sure whether the post-installation alignment is necessary and changes in brake lines and control arms.


Make sure the chosen lift kit is perfect for your vehicle as per its model. A different model of car will need other specifications. These specifications are already mentioned in the lift kit.

If you do not follow your vehicle’s type and model with that of the spacers, it might not fit in. Thus, for better safety and protection of your car and the driver, ensure its type.

Improper fitting may detach the spacers while on rocky surfaces, which may cause accidents with severe injuries. 


Spacers are usually made of a thermoplastic material that has high tensile strength. High crystalline Derlin material assures the stiffness, versatility, and stability of the dimensions. Since it does not wear off quickly, it is convenient in terms of costs.

Examine if they comprise corrosion-free materials which are resistant to water or oil. Investing in a quality lift kit will reduce your tension of regular checking and maintenance. 


While selecting the best WJ lift kit, check its versatile functions. Apart from increasing the height, the spacers should also reduce the impact on the tires. They should improve the loading capacity and be able to withstand heavy weight during heavy-duty applications.

Likewise, the suspension lifts should also help enhance the comfortability of passengers’ driver and riding experience. With the chosen lift kit, you must ensure its lifetime usage and long-lasting ability.

Some kits also include accessories like high-performance shocks and screws, nuts, and bolts. Shocks will help minimize the impact during massive bounces on the tires and reduce the chances of their replacements.

An increase in heights will also enable you to install wheels with larger diameters. Some may require minor trimming.

Best Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit

Final Words

From the reviews mentioned above, you will have a clear idea about the different varieties of spacers that the seller offers. For purchasing the perfect one, you must ensure its model and compatibility with the type of vehicle you possess.

Along with increasing the height with spacers, also include some high-performance shocks for tire longevity. With the best Jeep WJ lift kit, you will not only improve the looks and appearance of your ride but also improve its efficiency during heavy-duty applications.

You no longer have to wait for fitting your favorite large wheels; spacers allow you to do so effortlessly. Along with increasing its loading capacity, you will also avail of improved ground clearance.

But it is vital to double-check the balance in the height of both front and rear spacers. Also, remember about the alignment post-installation before using the vehicle for everyday purposes.

Thus, upgrading your vehicle’s height will also boost up its overall performance. Invest in the best WJ lift kit, elevate your driving skills, and increase a positive riding experience.

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