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Chamberlain B750 Review with Buying Guide & FAQs: Top Quality Garage Door Opener

The garage is as important as the bedroom and nothing is beyond your garage security. There are numerous facets to say about Chamberlain B750 Review and we are well researched.

The security of your home/commercial space is most important.

While you secure your doors and windows, most people forget about their garage door. A thief can enter your place through the garage if it is not taken care of.

A garage door opener is the best solution available. Reading this review, you can understand what makes it the right choice. 

Over the years, garage doors have improved with the Internet of Things and wireless connections.

Best Chamberlain B750 Smart Garage Opener: Top Picks

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Chamberlain B750 3/4...image Chamberlain B750 3/4 HP Equivalent Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener Buy On Amazon
Chamberlain B970T Smart...image Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup - myQ Smartphone Controlled - Ultra Quiet, Strong Belt Drive and MAX Lifting Power, 1.25 HP, Wireless Keypad Included, Blue Buy On Amazon
Chamberlain C450 Smart...image Chamberlain C450 Smart Garage Door Opener - myQ Smartphone Controlled - Ultra Quiet Durable Chain Drive with MED Lifting Power, Wireless Keypad Included, Gray Buy On Amazon
Chamberlain 7708CB-P Chain...image Chamberlain 7708CB-P Chain Drive Rail Extension Kit for 8 Foot High Garage Doors Buy On Amazon
Genie Chain Drive...image Genie Chain Drive 750 3/4 HPc Garage Door Opener w/Battery Backup - Heavy Duty Chain Drive - Operate your garage door when the primary power is out - Wireless Keypad Included, Model 7035-TKV,BLACK Buy On Amazon

It can now fulfill the various requirement that a secure garage door must-have. You must have complete control over the garage door, and it should be durable.

While looking for different garage doors, you may come across many, and among them, Chamberlain B750 has its place. You can know the reason once you keep reading. 

Equivalent Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Chamberlain B750 Review


Before installing a garage door opener, there is a certain specification that must be matched. You need to choose something that is an all-rounder.

The question is, what are the features that make Chamberlain B750 all-rounder?

It must have the requisite features and should be good enough to open heavy garage doors. These are basic requirements apart from many others.

It is a belt-driven garage opener that has ¾ horsepower. Let’s check out each feature one by one. 

Connect with MyQChamberlain b750 is a smart garage opener that comes with built-in MyQ technology. It not only helps you keep connected but protected too.

This handy feature allows you to control your garage door with the help of your smartphone.

From your phone, you can open, close, or even monitor activities easily. You can know about the status of your garage door from any place from your tablet or smartphone.

You will receive real-time notifications. If the garage door is left open for long, you will get a notification about that too. 

  • Appearance

Apart from Chamberlain b750, there are many other garage door openers by Chamberlain. Looks-wise this device is almost similar to chamberlain b550.

The difference is in their weight and size. Chamberlain b750 weighs 31.9lbs and has dimensions measuring 26.7 x 13 x 8 inches.

This is a quite sleek model and is wall mounted. You do not have to worry about placing the garage door opener anywhere on the floor.

The weight of this device is also less compared to other devices made by the same company. 

  • Power

The power of a garage door is most important because it depends on whether the operation will be smooth or not.

For heavy garage doors, the power has to be high, or else the garage door opener will fail to open smoothly. 

Chamberlain b750 is a 3/4 HP garage opener that can easily open a heavy garage door.

It is powered by Chamberlains plus lifts power system; thus, the lifting power of this device is equivalent to ¾ HP.

It is considered the highest lifting capacity for any garage door opener. The result is that you get a smooth and silent garage opening.

It being quiet in operation makes it a preferred choice when you start looking for the garage door opener. 

  • Safety Sensor

Chamberlain b750 has safety sensors that will project an invisible bean when in operation.

Safety sensors are a unique feature that prevents the garage door from closing if there is any obstruction in between, be it people, pets,s or any other object.

During the closing procedure if any obstruction comes then the door will stop closing. It will wait until the obstruction moves away.

Once the obstruction has moved then only the door will close. The operation will be restarted from where it had stopped. 

Moreover, being a smart device that can be controlled by your smartphone you can easily control it remotely. You will also get notifications if it happens to be open for a too long period than usual.

It protects against any forced opening electronically. If there is any, you will get notifications through the smart app.

However, certain other security measures are available in other models which are absent in Chamberlain b750. 

  • Timer for Closing

It has a timer for closing which means you can set a time for opening and closing of the device. Once you set the timings, it becomes a system.

The garage door will open and close at a fixed time as set even if you are not nearby.

It allows you to finally set another security measure if you are out of town. The post-lock system ensures that after the door is closed, it stays locked and of course, closed. 

  • A Good Range for Operating

The smartness of a smart device can be found in how many facilities does it provide.

The Chamberlain b750 can be operated from a distance of 1500 feet, and that is quite good. Compared to its competitors, it is a quite good range.

With the help of the MyQ app, you can open and close the door for your loved one even while you are working at the office! When you buy it, as of box device, it goes well with a 7 ft. tall door.

However, if required, you can add extension kits that will allow you to make it operational even for an 8 ft. or 10 ft. tall door. For a 7 ft garage, the actual rail length is 9.4 ft. 

  • Lights Within Garage

The system is so designed that when the garage door opens and the car enters the garage, lights will be switched on automatically.

This happens for any movement within the garage.

Even after the user leaves the garage, and there is no more movement inside the garage, the lights will switch off automatically. 

  • A Sturdy System Providing the Best Security

The make of the chamberlain b750 garage door opener is quite sturdy. Apart from the door opener device itself, the rails are made up of material that makes them quite durable.

The belt drive is steel reinforced that is quite durable.

You can use it for a long, really long without thinking about wear and tear. This ensures that once the device is set up, you can rely on it for a longer period. 

  • Battery Backup

While most of the garage door openers ahs battery backup, you will not get one with Chamberlain b750. If you have issues with power, then you have to think twice before making a decision for buying this product.

However, even though it is considered a drawback, it has many other features that add to its fame. 

  • Installation

When it comes to installation, the manual has all the steps mentioned for installing the device. For an expert DIY installer, it will not be tough to install the device in their garage.

However, if you are not one, then it is best that you get professional help. If things get wrong, then you may have to bear the loss. Thus, it is better to get help while installing. 

To summarize the whole thing, it can be mentioned that Chamberlain b750 is a power-packed garage door opener that is easy to operate even from a distance of 1500 feet. 

  • Open and close the garage door from any place with the help of smart MyQ. 
  • Sensitive beam stops operation of the door once any obstruction is found.
  • The system is wall mounted
  • Users will get activity notifications when the door is opened, closed, or even left open for a long time. 
  • Motor and belt provide high performance making the whole experience smooth and soundless. 

With smart control, feel connected to your home, anytime, anywhere. It has a drawback, but when it comes to value for money, it’s worthwhile installing it in your garage. 

Buying Considerations of Chamberlain B750


If you are reading the Chamberlain b750 review, then it means that you are interested in buying this product. The above discussion makes it clear that what are the pros of the device and what the cons are.

If you are tired of your chain-driven garage door opener then no doubt, you can consider this.

It is a silent opener that will not wake up your whole neighborhood every time you open your door.

While you have so many other options for garage doors, what is in this device that gives it preference over others?

  • The first thing should be a low noise operation. It is indeed very smooth and opening the garage door is done so silently that you cannot imagine. If you were worried about the sound caused while opening the garage door, you can always rely on it and give it a plus point for buying. 
  • A heavy garage door may be a problem for many as most garage door openers cannot open a heavy garage door easily. However, with ¾ horsepower, Chamberlain b750 is indeed a strong device that can help in lifting the heaviest garage doors without any problem. Thus, if you have a heavy garage door, do not think about a second option. 
  • Trespassing is an issue nowadays and thus a concern while choosing the best garage door is security. The smart MyQ app actually enables high-security measures. It provides notifications if the door is open for long apart from doing the regular functions of opening and closing the door. 
  • Installation is another issue that often worries most people. If you too are one of them, then you can consider this. It is easy to install. Now only that you can buy it easily from any online store, including Amazon, you will get an assistant for installing the system. 

Common but Crucial FAQs for the Chamberlain B750 Review

Q: Does Chamberlain b750 assist while it rains heavily?

A: An automatic garage door opener is helpful while it rains. With the smartphone app installed, you can open the garage door sitting right from your car.

The sensors of the system are sensitive enough to work even during heavy rainfall. 

Q: Why is secure code important?

A: A secure code protects your garage from any type of trespassing. The system has an exterior wireless keypad where you can put in the secure code.

It increases security measures. 

Q: What are the different ways of opening the garage door if Chamberlain b750 is installed?

A: To open the garage door, you have different options, like using the MyQ Garage door app, wall-mounted door control, wireless, keyless entry, or by using the remote control.

Q: What are the conditions when the door opens?

A: If the garage door is closed, then the door will open once the garage door opener is activated.

However, while opening if it finds any obstruction or is interrupted then the opening will stop immediately. 

If the garage door is not closed when the garage door opener is activated, then the door will be closed. 

Q: Is it necessary to carry on maintenance activities?

A: Just like any other device, the Chamberlain b750 will also require maintenance. You can get support and help from the manufacturer.

Apart from that, it is advised that once in a while you operate the garage door manually to check if the garage door is imbalanced.

If it is so, then it must be tuned so that your Chamberlain b750 operates smoothly. 

Q: Does Chamberlain b750 comes with a backup battery?

A: No, it does not come with a backup battery. 

Final Words

To wrap up the whole thing in a single statement, it can be said that Chamberlain b750 is a garage door opener that is packed with different features.

Varied features help this garage door opener to cater to the need of different consumers.

Powered with ¾ HP and safety features, it is what you would look for in a door opener.

It is good for the garage that is quite high. There is a drawback and that it does not provide any battery backup.

While it can be a problem for some, but the other features and the price makes it a lucrative offer for the ones who need a garage door opener.

For any kind of residential garage door, according to this Chamberlain b750 review and our research, this is a great option that can lift heavy doors, speed up the whole thing, and makes almost no sound.

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