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Top 04 Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems: Let’s Fix Together

The Dodge Ram serves to be a great vehicle. It is regarded as one of the best working trucks. Dodge Ram acceleration problems are very common but nonignorable.

When the truck gets equipped properly, it could turn out to become a highly fuel-efficient truck.

Even while Dodge Ram trucks’ overall performance is regarded as seamless, it can still have its own share of problems.

Most Common 04 Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems

A vehicle featuring a combustion engine (diesel or gas) is known to require an accurate mixture of both airs as well as fuel for running efficiently.

If the given mixture gets thrown off in any manner, it could result in the engine running excessively lean (without ample air supply) or excessively rich (without ample fuel).

Engines that might be running inefficiently will gradually start showing signs, including struggling or hesitation with acceleration.

In the case of the Dodge Ram acceleration problem, it is only expected to become worse with time.

In case you are noticing Dodge truck acceleration problems like hesitation, then you should get the same inspected right away.

01. Mass Airflow Sensor

The trucks’ equipment or component is responsible for measuring the amount of air entering the truck’s engine.

Simultaneously, the sensor is capable of relaying the given information to the vehicle’s computer system such that the right amount of fuel is being delivered from the respective fuel injectors.

 In case of a failing mass airflow sensor system, the vehicle’s computer system would start reflecting some kind of error code in the form of “Check Engine Light.”

The given warning is known to be accompanied by the process of hesitation during the acceleration of the truck or as you drive up a hill.

A vehicle featuring a faulty mass airflow sensor is also expected to stall soon once it starts.

 02. Fuel Pump

In most modern vehicles, the fuel pump is known to reside inside the truck’s fuel tank.

The fuel pump is responsible for pumping the fuel up to the vehicle’s engine.

In case the fuel pump is not capable of providing the right amount of pressure, fuel might find it immensely difficult to make its way to the engine.

A truck that tends to hesitate during acceleration or driving up the hill might feature a weak fuel pump.

03. Throttle Position Sensor

The truck’s given equipment is responsible for telling the computer system of the vehicle about how far the throttle is open and how hard the given acceleration is getting pressed.

Then, the computer system can adjust the air & fuel mixture that goes up to the truck’s engine such that the engine remains at some appropriate level.

When the Dodge Ram truck’s throttle position sensor is not working properly, it could lead to acceleration problems.

In the case of a faulty throttle position sensor, it sends out improper signals or information to the vehicle’s computer system.

In such a case, the computer system will not be able to provide the truck’s engine with the right amount of fuel or air during acceleration –leading to a hesitant sensation.

04. Failing or Dirty Fuel Injectors

The truck’s fuel injectors are responsible for spraying fuel in the form of fine mist into the respective cylinder.

In the truck’s ignition cylinder, the fuel gets mixed with air while getting ignited with the help of a spark plug. With the passage of time and over usage, the fuel injectors might get dirty.

As such, they will no longer be able to provide the right amount of fuel to the vehicle’s cylinder as it is required.

The presence of fuel injectors that are dirty or faulty could lead the engine of the truck to run in a lean fashion.

This, in turn, would lead to hesitation during the acceleration of the Dodge Ram truck.

Automotive Acceleration: An Overview

The problems might crop up to get in the way of your working while taking a toll on your bank balances as well. You might expect to deal with the Dodge Ram acceleration problem.

Out of all the available problems associated with the Dodge Ram truck, one of the most common issues is linked with the Dodge Ram acceleration problem.

It can be highly frustrating for any driver out there to expect specific acceleration from the respective vehicle to observe the vehicle. As well as turning out hesitant in speeding up.

The vehicle’s given hesitation could be potentially dangerous in conditions like entering or exiting the highway from some off-ramp, in which acceleration is needed for merging with traffic.

Like a Dodge Ram truck, a vehicle that might be hesitating or struggling with acceleration could get unpredictable.

Moreover, moments associated with the vehicle’s hesitation or struggle could be linked with potentially dangerous instances like unexpected acceleration or surging of the vehicle.

If your Dodge Ram truck is witnessing acceleration problems, it is recommended that you should hire professional help to get the same corrected.

Dodge Ram Acceleration Problem Solutions

Are you facing a hesitant Dodge Ram truck due to any of the above reasons? The good news is that you can get the Dodge Ram acceleration problem fixed easily with some professional help.

To ensure the top-notch working of your vehicle, it is imperative to be aware of some of the easiest ways in which you can deal with Dodge Ram acceleration problems. Here are some:

  • Check the Ignition System

Problems related to ignition problems could also lead the truck to lose its overall power –especially when lower RPMs are achieved.

Therefore, you should inspect the truck and check out for worn-out or damaged spark plugs, plug wires, rotor, and distributor cap in case the model might be featuring them.

Most resistance-specific spark plug wires tend to feature the resistance value of around 10,000 ohms per foot.

You can consider making use of the multimeter for checking the wires individually.

You can also go forward with checking the repair manual of the truck for checking other vital system components.

  • Look Out for Vacuum Leaks

Vacuum leaks are also known to lead to a wide spectrum of truck problems associated with the overall engine performance –including hesitation during acceleration.

In typical cases, vacuum leaks result from broken, disconnected, loose, or damaged hoses, failed throttle gaskets, or the failed intake manifold.

The given type of problem could lead to a major adverse impact on the truck –especially at low or idle engine speeds.

It is recommended that you inspect the vacuum hoses, especially those utilized by sensors.

One simple way to check the same is by spraying some type of carburetor cleaner around the engine’s gasket with the engine being idle.

If there happens to be some leak, then you will observe a difference in the engine idle.

  • Check Out the Fuel System 

Components like the fuel injector, a fuel pump, or the fuel pressure regulator featuring higher mileage could lead to the development of problems like a poor flow of fuel, fuel leakages, and lowered fuel pressure.

  • Fuel Pressure Checking

Testing the given system for fuel pressure with the help of some fuel pressure gauge. You can check out the truck repair manual to know about the right procedures as well as specifications.

On the basis of the individual results, you might be required to check out the fuel volume as well.

Check out the fuel and air filters of the truck. In case you have not replaced the existing filters as per the suggested schedule of the truck’s manufacturer. Therefore, you should aim at replacing the filters.

You can go to check the filters against some bright light or sunlight. If the light cannot shine through the filter layers, you should consider replacing the same.

  • Fuel Filter & Lighting

For checking the fuel filter, you can relieve some pressure from the existing fuel system. You can consult the repair manual of the vehicle.

Then, you should aim at removing the fuel filter. Towards the direction of the flow of fuel, you can blow air.

Air should be capable of passing through the same without any difficulty. Otherwise, consider replacing the filter.

To ensure the best results for your Dodge Ram truck and its acceleration problems. It is recommended that you should check out the repair manual of the truck.

  • Inspect the Ignition Timing

The engine of the truck features retarded ignition timing.; even by some degrees, could hesitate during acceleration. The overall power tends to drop eventually.

You can consider inspecting the ignition timing by making use of the timing light. You can also consider adjusting the same on truck models that are equipped with a proper distributor.

It is always recommended to consult the respective repair manual of the vehicle.

In addition to the basic procedure; you can also consider using the timing light to check the ignition timing in the truck. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Consider warming up the truck’s engine to its operating temperature
  • Now, turn off the truck’s engine.
  • Based on the truck’s particular model, you can do one of the following –unplugging the vacuum advance hose from the respective distributor & disconnecting the switching from the given ignition module, or removing the plug from the line of base timing.
  • Then, connect the given timing light to the battery & the spark plug wire for the cylinder
  • Give power to the engine while aiming the light at the respective timing notch
  • Compare the existing reading to the particulars from the emission control label in the compartment of the engine or repair manual.

Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems: Fixing Tips

Common Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems FAQs

If you wish to know more about Dodge acceleration problems. Here are some of the common concerns that most users have about the truck.

What years of the Dodge Ram Truck Model Feature Transmission Problems?

In case you are planning to get the Dodge Ram for yourself. Moreover, you should aim to avoid the models facing transmission problems.

Any Dodge Ram model from the time period of 2002 and going up to 2008 generation might experience the respective acceleration problems.

Do the Latest Models of Dodge Ram Still Face Acceleration Problems?

It has been observed that the acceleration problem has been quite persistent with several models of the Dodge Ram trucks.

However, the latest models of 2019 & 2020 Dodge ram trucks have been working beyond one’s expectations. Until now, they have not been known to encounter any problem.

How to Fix the Death Wobble on the Dodge Ram?

If you wish to get rid of the problem of Death Wobble on the Dodge Ram, you can undertake the following steps:

  • Checking the tires to ensure that all of them are properly balanced
  • For checking the brushing
  • Checking the bearings of the truck
  • To check the steering

For hesitant acceleration, the problem can be quite annoying for the users. It could also lead to traffic or accidents around the truck.

The best way of solving such a problem is by replacing the concerned parts. It could be implemented in repair shops or the service centers of the manufacturers.


Dodge Ram acceleration problems could turn out immensely frustrating. Moreover, as your truck would start aging, the problem would only get worse with time.

Therefore, getting these problems fixed as soon as possible helps in determining. Additionally, whether or not the truck will be surviving for the next few years.

Once you have become familiar with the different parts of the truck. Therefore, you can look forward to having a convenient time in fixing all sorts of acceleration problems.

However, that could be ruining the future of your vehicle.

With our without the assistance of some truck expert, you can implement some easy steps to let go of the problem and ensure a hassle-free drive.

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