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Top 10 Best Gates Timing Belts Review 2021 [+ Buying Guides and FAQs]

In the automotive industry “the Gates manufacturer company” has achieved for manufacturing reliable, durable, and best budget equipment.

The following complete Gates Timing Belts Review will help find the best one that suits your need and budget. 

A timing belt is also called a timing chain.

It is one of the parts of an internal combustion engine that synchronizes the camshaft and crankshaft cycle.

It closes and opens at the right times throughout the cylinder’s exhaust and intake strokes. Every few KM, the timing belt is changed.

Gates Timing Belt Kit Review: Top Picks

Indeed you’ve heard about it all your life, but few people know exactly what it is or what it is for.

We are talking about the well-known new timing belt or serpentine belt, always classified as one of the most complex breakdowns that a car can have.

The 10 Best Gates Timing Belts Review 2021

Today, many timing belts are available in the market, which creates confusion and is always a tiring task to find the best amongst them.

So, we have created the best serpentine belt review here in the following. Withing any further ado, let us check out the top-rated products of Timing Belts to buy

01. Gates TCKWP329 Idler Pulley Included Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump


If you are looking for the best timing belts for your vehicle, we recommend purchasing this TCKWSP 329 model. This kit includes the timing belt, the tensioner, guide pulleys, and the water pump. 

The water pump will maintain the correct pressure to ensure proper engine temperature. A new pump design provides greater strength than the previous model. 

This model of Gates is made with high-quality grade HNBR rubber for contamination and heat resistance. No matter what you need to complete your job, you will get everything you need in one single box.

All parts are manufactured to the highest OEM quality standards for a great fit and perfect function.

Compare the price of this kit with original equipment, and you will save at least 50%. The pump’s installation must be carried out following the instructions and with the indicated torque so as not to damage the pump. 

Instructions are included in the kit, making installation quick and easy. The instructions are well written with all the technical details you need.


  • Perfect fit
  • Superb quality
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Highest quality standard


  • Leaking water pump

02. Gates TCK304 High Quality 13.5 Inches Timing Belt Component Kit


If you search for the best timing belt that you always wanted to keep your vehicle in excellent running condition, this timing belt is for you.

Gates is one of the leading and well-known Timing Belts manufacturers. Gates always makes sure to install Original Equipment parts in all their products.

Gates TCK304 is also one of the best belts which you can buy. Gates’ all products are remanufactured and engineered under strict quality inspection and process.

This is one reason why Gates is a leader in the field of timing belts that offer the highest quality of products and provide the best performance.

This kit is of OEM quality. It contains everything you need to change the timing belt and all timing system components quickly and effectively to ensure optimum engine performance. 

It fits perfectly on your vehicle. With OEM quality, you are sure to have a perfect fit and good performance.

The pump impeller is made of metal, not plastic, for best performance. Before ordering, make sure it fits and works for your car model as the manufacturer produces many Asian and European vehicles and trucks.


  • Quality parts
  • OEM standards quality
  • Unbeatable price
  • Perfect fit


  • Knock-off toothed bearing

03. Gates TCKWP284A 12.36 Inches Package Length Timing Belt Component Kit with Water Pump


This kit is a good value for money and includes the water pump, pulleys, hydraulic tensioner, and of course, the timing belt you need to finish a completely professional job. 

Vehicle safety is a priority for Gates, and its high-quality parts are designed to make repairs safe and durable.

With this model, you’ll receive OEM quality parts, and you can trust the Gates brand for its track record. The water pump has an improved design to increase its life and ensure efficient engine cooling. 

Moreover, the tensioner performs well. Be aware that the strap does not have marks, so you must mark the one you are removing to make a sound installation.

This model has all the components needed for a perfect engine water pumping and also for the replacement. It comes with a guide, tensioner bearing, timing belt, and water pump for optimized performance.

Gates TCKWP284A is very easy to install; however, it is recommended to install it with experienced mechanics using mounting instructions. It is made to survive for a long time, even in high-temperature and oily environments.


  • Easy to installation
  • High-quality material
  • OEM quality parts


  • Low quality of water pump

04. Gates TCKWP304A Package Width Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump


The automotive-toothed belt is undoubtedly one of the essential components for your car engine’s proper functioning.

And so, it must be high quality. Its primary function is to synchronize the engine, causing the valves to open and close, each in its own time, being Intake and Escape’s moments.

Gates is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of timing belts. All products are made from high-quality and OEM standards.

If you are looking for the best timing bels, which is very easy to use, we recommend buying it as it comes with all the parts it needs. It is effortless to use, and many videos on YouTube can help install and operate.

TCKWP304A has PowerGrip technology that offers super grippy performance. It includes all the OE parts, so it ensures the best performance.

Gates TCKWP304A comes with a complete kit that adds tensioner springs, a technical service guide, tools, bots, and an instruction guide.

Also, it covers all vehicles’ models and makes. Overall, it is a complete timing belt kit that is designed for long-lasting performance.


  • Quality kit
  • Easy to use
  • It fits perfectly
  • Work perfectly
  • High quality


  • Most of the parts are made in China

05. Gates TCKWP257A Package Length Width Height Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump


It has been a century since Gates is providing the best products. Their professional team in automotive manufacturing developed and designed super-quality parts that can be found in millions of vehicles today.

If you are looking for a cheap yet powerful timing belt for your vehicle, we recommend buying Gates TCKWP257A.

This model is designed with Aramid reinforced jackets, which are made of nylon and it is also designed with jackets on the backside that ensure longer wear.

It is designed with high-quality HNBR rubber that provides contamination and superior heat resistance.

Also, Gates hydraulic tensioners, idlers, and pulleys are designed with advanced casting techniques to ensure fatigue and corrosion resistance.

It does not matter what you need to complete your job. You will get everything you need in one single box as this kit comes with everything required for the installation.

Gates TCKWP257A kit comes with a complete guide and installation instructions so you can do it without any problem quickly.


  • A complete kit
  • The Best grade of HNBR
  • A good quality
  • Best performance
  • Awesome value


  • Water pump fails after some usages

06. Gates TCKWP298 High-Quality Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump


Many drivers who drive an old car fear engine damage from a broken toothed belt. Rightly so, because a broken timing belt at full speed is often the death sentence for most engines.

Timing chain or toothed belt. The timing chain is an alternative to the toothed belt. Gates ‘ timing belts offer low maintenance, reliable, and quiet performance with more excellent resistance to wear, heat, and contamination.

However, Gates TCKWP298 provides everything you require to fine-tune your engine. Each part contributes to precise and non-slip timing. This model is designed to survive for a long period, even in oily environments and high-temperature.

Gates TCKWP298 is designed with high-quality rubber material with HNBR grade for heat and contamination resistance. If you need to finish your job, it comes with complete tools and an installation guide.

Its assembly included the tensioner, water pump, idler, and timing belt. If you are not sure how to install it correctly, do not worry as it comes with a complete step-by-step guide in which everything is mentioned.


  • High quality
  • Perfectly fits
  • Easy to install
  • Great product


  • Water pump leaking problems faced by some customers

07. Gates TCKWP184 Package Height Product Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump


The timing belt is a vitally important component for the operation of the engine and is often overlooked. When it breaks, the losses are great. The timing belt, made of rubber, is responsible for maintaining.

The synchrony between the crankshaft – which transfers the engine power to the wheels and the valve control, responsible for the entry and exit of gases in the cylinder.

The company is one of the world’s top manufacturers of timing belts. Gates’ products are used in automotive and diverse industrial applications where the failure cost is very high.

When the belt breaks, 99% of the cases, the valves are bent, causing considerable damage, even taking the head to the grinder for new maintenance.

Cost may vary with each engine, depending on the number of valves, 8v or 16v. So, make sure to buy only high-quality timing belts such as Gates TCKWP184.

This timing belt model is built and designed for long-lasting performance that also offers efficient cooling. Gates TCKWP184 comes with all parts, including tensioner springs, technical bulletins, gaskets, tools, bolts, and installation instructions.

Gates TCKWP184 is designed with high-grade HNBR rubber quality that offers contamination and heat resistance.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Installation is very easy
  • High-quality material
  • HNBR rubber quality


  • The water pump gasket is not included

08. Gates TCKWP277A Package Width Product Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump


Gates is one of the pioneer manufacturers of high-quality timing belts. Gates TCKWP277A comes with great quality. Hydraulic tensioners, idlers, and pulleys are made with advanced metallurgy by Gates that ensure fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Gates TCKWP277A timing belts model is designed with nylon jackets on the backside that offers more extended wear.

It is created with high-grade quality of HNBR rubber that provides contamination and heat resistance. Also, it has PTFE infused jacket that makes sure to reduce tooth shear and reduce frictional.

It does not matter what you need to complete your job; you will get everything you need in one single box as this kit comes with everything required for the installation.

Also, it is included with a detailed installation guide, so you do need a professional mechanic. You can do it quickly, repair, or rebuild on your own.


  • OE Quality
  • Great components
  • Installed well
  • Fit right


  • Low quality of bearings

09. Gates t247rb Durable Nylon Fiber Provides Extra Wear Resistance Blue Racing Timing Belt


Do you want to upgrade your riding experience? Then you should buy Gates t247rb timing belt, which is designed for long life with the best performance.

Gates t247rb is made up of high-quality HNBR elastic that ensures wear-resistant. Also, it offers heat resistance and durability with aramid reinforcement.

This model is designed with a durable nylon fiber that makes sure extra wear resistance, super-strong performance, and doubling tooth strength with its strong tensile cords.

Its added power comes from the glass cord high-strength and premium quality of the material.

In the model Gates t247rb, it has no cut to fit perfectly with the pulley with precision. It comes with 126 teeth and 1.02 in top width. 

Gates t247rb is designed with durable quality of nylon fiber that provides increased strength and double teeth strength.

This model by Gates is patented that offers racing doors with extended duration. 


  • Outstanding quality of the belt
  • Super strong
  • Perfect fitting
  • Value for money


  • Some users got faded belt

10. Gates T215RB Patented EPDM Compound Gates Racing Belts Blue Racing Timing Belt


Gates manufacturer is one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing timing belts. If you are looking for the best belts, which is good value for money, you should not miss buying this model by Gates.

This belt has no cut, so it fits perfectly with absolute perfection. It is designed with 143 teeth, so it fits perfectly.

Gates T215RB belt is designed with high durability that provides double tooth strength. Also, it has a patented EPDM design that offers heat resistance.

Gates T215RB offers added strength that comes from its high-strength glass cord and premium quality of the product.


  • Excellent quality
  • High quality of HNBR elastic
  • Premium quality
  • Glass cord with high strength


  • Many customers did not get original belts


The timing belt is one of the most common and most expensive breakdowns in automobiles. It may be the case that it breaks “by surprise”, that is, without showing signs of malfunction. 

However, this fact is a rare sight, and in most cases, it is an avoidable problem as long as we pay attention to any strange noise and/or atypical behavior of it.

Therefore, this does not mean that its useful life cycle and its replacement in time must be forgotten. Failure to replace the belt can result in a complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure.

And replacing a belt is not the same as having to do a full engine rebuild, right?

Thus, it is very much essential to buy high-quality timing belts for your vehicle. The purpose of this Gates Timing Belts Review is to get you to find the best belts for your vehicle.

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