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How Much does an Exhaust System Cost Installed: Costing Details

You must need to know how much does an exhaust system costs installed since you are using a car as a daily commuter.

As we know, a vehicle is connected with different parts and systems. Among different parts and systems, in this post, we will discuss the exhaust system in the vehicle.

As there are various parts and systems in vehicles, you need to focus on all the crucial parts so that your vehicle runs smoothly.

If you are planning to install the exhaust system in your vehicle, then this article is for you.

Here we will discuss what is the exhaust system, the types of the exhaust system, how much does it cost to install it, exhaust system features, some frequently asked questions about the exhaust system, and exhaust system benefits.

This post will help you understand the importance of the exhaust system and the cost you will need to pay for installing the exhaust system.

The exhaust system is believed to be the lungs of the car. The exhaust system is an important part of the vehicle. Having a poor exhaust system installed in the car can result in so many adversities.

If your car has a poor exhaust system installed, the chances are you will get poor gas mileage and it may not pass the vehicle emissions test.

So if you are very much conscious about your vehicle, you should install the best exhaust system for your vehicle. And for getting the better performance it is must be needed.

How Much Does an Exhaust System Cost Installed Exactly!

As we have seen, the exhaust system is one of the most crucial and functioning parts of the vehicle. Hence, it is very essential to keep the quality of the system in mind before getting it installed.

The cost of the installation may differ from its quality. Here we have discussed the average cost of different exhaust system components.

The exhaust companies are offering four kinds of elements. The cat-back exhaust system will cost around $300 to $1200. Its cost is based on the thickness of steel and muffler quality & types.

The next crucial thing is the Axle-back exhaust system, which will cost the same as the cat-back exhaust system.

If we talk about high-performance mufflers, they cost around $75 to $300. The price of the high-performance muffler is based on the type of steel and its thickness.

The next important part of the exhaust system is exhaust system tips. It may cost around $25 to $150 per trip. So, these are the exhaust system components costs.

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Exhaust System Features & Specifications

When it comes to purchasing the exhaust system for the vehicle, there are various factors you need to keep in mind.

So, before you install an exhaust system for your vehicle, here are some exhaust system features to consider:

  • Sound: The first and crucial thing to keep in mind about the exhaust system is its sound quality.

The best method of selecting the exhaust system with good quality is by going to YouTube and start listening to the audio.

The audio of the system is essential to consider because you have to live with it. When you will go through YouTube, you will find endless numbers of videos with different car sounds.

  • Diameter: The next factor is the diameter of the exhaust system. The size or the diameter is highly based on the car and the engine of your car.

Depending upon your car, you may need exhaust with a smaller diameter or with a bigger diameter. If we talk about the standard exhaust diameter size, it is 3 inches.

  • Quality: Quality is another crucial feature you need to consider in the exhaust system. It is essential that you know what type of steel the exhaust is made up of.

Generally, most of the high-quality exhaust systems and their other components are made up of 304 stainless steel.

  • Fitment: When it comes to installing the exhaust system in your vehicle, you need to make sure that you choose the exhaust with a perfect fit.

One thing you should keep in mind is that lower quality systems do not have a good fitment and they are a bit complex to install.

  • Weight: Some people don’t give attention to weight, but it does play an important role. The weight of the exhaust has a direct impact on the sound quality of the system.

The lighter system will create a louder sound. On the other hand, the system with more muffling will provide a comfortable ride.

What is the Exhaust System?

What is the exhaust system, can’t be expressed in one line.

The tasks of the exhaust system are collecting the exhaust gases, removing the dangerous substances, lessening the noise level, and discharging the purified exhaust gases.

Depending upon the engine of the vehicle, the exhaust system may consist of one or two channels. Basically, exhaust gas flow is based on the complete design of the system.

The exhaust gas in the vehicle could flow from one or two of the cylinder head & exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter, or a silencer.

An exhaust pipe in the vehicle is designed properly so that it can carry away the toxic and noxious gas from the users of the machine.

What Does an Exhaust System Do?

What does an exhaust system do actually, is a very common question and you must hear it several times whatever you are a new or experienced rider.

We tried to express in a simple way below, have a look:

First of all exhaust gases are collected from the cylinder head in the engine. It is collected by an exhaust manifold, it works like a funnel.

From the funnel, the exhaust gas gets diverted from the cylinders of the engine and then gets released through the single opening.

Then, the gas passes through the catalytic converter. During this process, harmful components like carbon monoxide and hydrogen monoxide get removed.

After the harmful components from the gas get removed, then it gets converted into inert gases. Then the gas passes through the silencer or the muffler.

The internal combustion engine creates noises because of the pulsating emission from the cylinders.

The noise which gets generated from the internal engine needs to be silent by reducing the sound energy of the exhaust gas flow.

Types of Exhaust System

When it comes to exhaust systems, they are divided into various types. To understand the concept of the exhaust system properly, you need to understand different types of exhaust systems:

01. Single Exit Pipe

The first and most basic kind of exhaust system is the single exit pipe exhaust system. You will find single exit pipe systems in cars and trucks we buy from the dealers.

This type of exhaust system includes only one exhaust pipe and basically, they are the cheapest to build and install.

02. Dual Rear Exit

Another type of exhaust system includes a dual rear exit. When we talk about dual rear exit exhaust systems, they are found in sportier cars or they are added to make the car seem sportier.

The dual rear exit system gives a deep note to the exhaust and it makes the engine sound more powerful as compared to the single exit pipe.

03. Opposite Dual Exhaust

This type of exhaust system is also known as extreme dual exit exhaust. The opposite dual exhaust system works slightly differently than the dual rear exit system.

The opposite dual exhaust system is the variation of the dual rear exhaust system. This type of exhaust system is mostly used in vehicles that tow heavy cargo.

The length of the pipes in this type is higher so that the filtering process can be improved.

04. Dual Side Exhaust

The dual-side exhaust system has two pipes next to each other on one side. The dual pipes in the vehicle smoothen the gas more efficiently as compared to the single exit pipe system.

In this type of exhaust system, the pipes are smaller than the single exit system hence it creates more deep sound.

05. High-Performance Exhaust System

Among the different types of exhaust systems, we have seen in the list, high-performance exhaust systems are more expensive. They are expensive but they do a great job of filtering out the gasses.

This type of exhaust system is not standard, they are fitted as aftermarket products.

Crucial FAQs on How Much does an Exhaust System Cost Installed

Apart from the topics we have covered, you might have some other questions regarding the exhaust system as well. Here are frequently asked questions (FAQs) of the exhaust system:

I should purchase an aluminized or stainless steel exhaust system?

When you will research thoroughly, one thing you will notice is that almost all the manufacturers provide the exhaust system with stainless steel.

The reasons why manufacturers offer stainless steel exhaust systems are because stainless steel looks better and it is resistant to corrosion.

Which design of the performance muffler is the best?

When it comes to performance mufflers, tuning matters more than the design. While buying the performance muffler, you need to go with the one that has the best warranty and a trusted brand name.

After installing the exhaust system, will there be an increase in the horsepower of my vehicle?

Installing the exhaust system doesn’t mean it will result in more horsepower in your vehicle. The impact on the horsepower is highly based on your vehicle.

The exhaust system may result in an increase in 50 horsepower or as minimum as 2 to 3 horsepower.

Driving a car with a loud exhaust system is legal or not?

No, you cannot drive a car with a very much loud exhaust system. In the United States, your car must have a muffler that has a street-legal sound.

Most of the cities and areas in the United States have some rules to prohibit loud exhaust systems.

How to remove blueing on the exhaust system?

When the stainless steel exhaust tips get hot, they take some blue coloration. The main problem drivers face is how to remove that blueing from the exhaust tips.

To remove the blue coloration on chrome, you need to polish the metal with a bit of abrasive chemical.

Exhaust System Benefits & Advantages

When it comes to installing the new exhaust system on your vehicle, you might be not aware of all the benefits of the exhaust system.

1. Improvement in the engine’s function

Installing a quality exhaust system in your vehicle is very important. When you have a better car’s exhaust system installed, it improves the entire engine functions.

The exhaust in your vehicle can also improve your car’s torque, horsepower, and noise.

2. More Power

The best thing about installing the aftermarket exhaust in your car is that it offers more power and performance to the vehicle.

3. Sound

The sound of the exhaust may be important for you. This is the factor that may or may not be important based on the age and preferences of the vehicle owner.

Whether you need an exhaust system with louder sound or very little sound, depending on that, you need to select car exhaust.

4. Fuel Economy

This is true, adding an aftermarket exhaust system to the vehicle can affect the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

The fuel-saving efficiency will be based on the type of system you are going to add to your vehicle.

5. Improves Your Car Image and Value

Adding an exhaust system to the car improves the car’s look and its value. It impacts the sound quality of the vehicle, which makes the vehicle look great.

Adding a better exhaust system and increasing longevity also increases the longevity of the car as well.


So, here we have seen what is the exhaust system, the types of the exhaust system, how much does an exhaust system cost installed, exhaust system features.

And also we discussed frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the exhaust system and exhaust system benefits.

What type of exhaust system you should install in your vehicle is based on various factors like your sound preferences, vehicle model, etc.

Among various parts and systems in the car, an exhaust system plays a crucial role.

The functions of the exhaust system are collecting the exhaust gases from the cylinders, removing dangerous substances, lessening the noise level, and discharging the purified exhaust gases.

Adding the right exhaust system to the car has various benefits such as improved fuel economy, quality sound, improved car image & value, etc.

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