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All the Steps on How To Bleed A Bottle Jack Better

A bottle jack is a helpful car accessory that will always make your life super easy in case of tire punctures when it comes to lifting.

Most car owners are faced with this nagging issue, how to bleed a bottle jack?

Fortunately, you are in the right place since this guide will take you into insights on how you can bleed a bottle jack.

However, you can never go wrong by reading the insights provided in this post since it’s correct and thoroughly researched.

Here, we are going to take you into details about bottle jacks and how you can bleed one.

Lifting cars can be a tricky issue, particularly if you are faced with a faulty bottle jack that requires some repair.

Bleeding a bottle jack is not cumbersome and is an affair that you can handle solely by yourself. Why struggle in times of emergencies while you can easily bleed a faulty bottle jack?

How to Bleed a Bottle Jack: The Procedures

Bottle jacks are helpful car tools that are ideal when it comes to lifting heavy-duty cars. An important tool that should be an asset for every car owner or heavy machinery operator.

Bottle jacks by functionality use a hydraulic-based mechanism to lift cars. Bleeding a bottle jack isn’t that cumbersome and you can achieve this by working solely.

What Does it Mean by “Bleed a Bottle Jack”

Most car owners and non-professional mechanics that have purchased a bottle jack fail to recognize the importance of maintaining the jack.

For the proper functioning of a bottle jack, it is important to bleed a bottle jack.

Bleeding a bottle jack will ensure it performs at the best level and thus save you in case you encounter an emergency. A major menace that is prevalent with a bottle jack is the fact that it can get air.

An infestation of air makes bottle jacks faulty and can be tricky in case you are faced with a puncture.

Bleeding a bottle jack means releasing the trapped air to make sure that these machines perform effectively.

A simple process that you can achieve by yourself but in case you encounter any difficulties, it’s wise to consult a professional mechanic.

Below we are going to take you into detail on how to better bleed a bottle jack.

Here are helpful insights about how to bleed a bottle jack:

Step 1: Scrutinize the Weight Capacity of your Bottle Jack

Check on the user manual about the weight limit that your ideal bottle jack can handle. Scrutinize and check the weight limit that a bottle jack can handle.

To check the weight limit, look at the driver’s door side or panel to get a better understanding.

Most importantly, don’t lift a car with a jack that can’t support its weight capacity. Failure to do so can make harm your asset and cost you in terms of repairs.

Don’t ignore checking the car weight capacity and the weight limit that your bottle jack can handle to lift conveniently.

Step 2: Make Sure you Extend the Bottle Jack by Pumping it with no Weight

If, for example, the jack is extremely damaged and fails to do handle lifting, get help from someone that can pull the bottle jack while you embark on pumping.

Also, you can opt to open the bottle jack release valve. Usually, it’s situated on the adjacent side of the pump and starts by pulling the piston out.

From there, it’s important to extend the bottle jack without having to do any pumping. Check and confirm that the valve is open and check for any instances that can lead to oil build-up.

By now, you should be able to see some effects, though. If you encounter any debris or dirt, then you have a faulty seal.

Also, check the bottom area of the piston and check if there is any fault. In case you come across any cracks, it’s important to take the bottle jack to a professional mechanic.

Dirt particularly can affect the workability of a bottle jack and it’s ideal for making sure that it’s super clean.

Step 3: Open the Bottle Jack’s oil Reservoir Cap Located Inside the Valve

Check and ensure that the bottle jack oil is filled to the quarter-inch located on the hole. Importantly, make sure that it’s filled to the quarter-inch mark and shouldn’t be higher than that.

However, the bottle jack cap is the uppermost part. You can open it by using a screwdriver to achieve this.

Step 4: Clean the Jack Using a Clean Cloth

Start by opening the bottle jack release valve and then promptly pump the handle a couple of times. Check and confirm if there is any oil leakage.

Shut the bottle jack valve and then proceed to pump the jack to the highest level.

Next, open the bottle jack release valve and embark to bleed the jack if it fails to rise.

If you encounter any instances of oil leakage, seal it. You can consult a professional mechanic to help seal the leak. Embark to lift your car using the bottle jack.

If the jack fails to lift a car, then it’s not latching. Hire a professional mechanic to check it or consider buying a new bottle jack.

By following all the above-mentioned procedures, you get to bleed a bottle jack conveniently. An easy task that you can achieve on your own.

Bottle Jack: What & Why?

A bottle jack is a hydraulic affiliated type of jack that is usually placed vertically to work best. By functionality, this type of jack is good due to its ability to fit in compact spaces and also has high leverage.

Car bottle jacks come in different forms since some are suited for handling 4 tons while others 8 tons.

Importantly, before embarking on buying a bottle jack, look at your car model so that you can choose one that can be able to withstand the weight of your car.

By doing so, you avoid the costs involved with buying a bottle jack that can’t withstand your car’s weight range.

A bottle jack is ideal for lifting vehicles and should be placed in axle stands conveniently.

So that, you can never go wrong. Bottle jacks are easy to use and a great thing; they come with a user manual that reveals insights on how to better use them.

The presence of a user manual ensures you are armed with ideas of how to better maintain this type of jack.

Next, we are going to take you into detail about bleeding a bottle jack.

Features & Specialties of Bottle Jack

  • Weight Manageable Range

The weight capacity of a great bottle jack means the capacity of weight that these machines can lift conveniently.

Usually, there are different bottle jacks,’ and their weight limit is usually marked in terms of tons.

Importantly, ensure you go for a bottle jack that corresponds to the ideal weight limit of your car make. Also, it is paramount to recognize that bottle jacks support 60% of car weight.

By looking at this factor, you can never go wrong when it comes to purchasing a great and suitable bottle jack.

  • Great Lifting Capacity

A good thing to recognize before embarking on purchasing a suitable bottle jack is the lifting capacity. Importantly check the level of height that a suitable bottle jack can reach.

Most available bottle jacks usually have a lifting range that can go for 9 or 18 inches. Ensure you purchase one that is suited for lifting your car well.

  • Type and Quality of Material

A great aspect to always remember before proceeding to purchase a great bottle jack is the type of material used to make one.

To get the best deal, the base, and body of a suitable bottle, the jack should be constructed with durable material that doesn’t rust.

Also, a great and long-lasting bottle jack should be able to withstand the pressure prevalent with holding heavy-duty cars.

A good and long-lasting bottle jack is one that is made of alloy steel and iron.

  • An Easy Use Procedure

How convenient and comfortable is it to use a bottle jack? A bottle jack handle should be easy to use and ensure you go for one that has a long handle.

Bottle jacks are suited for lifting vehicles and other constructing machines. Look for the user manual to get insights about how to handle it better.

Bottle Jack Oil, Its Importance and the Price

Bottle jack needs to use hydraulic oil to function effectively. By using this oil, you get a great lubricant that is great for sending power to the hydraulic system.

By functionality, this oil helps to protect the jack against rust which most lack.

Also, it prevents oxidation issues and most importantly has great low foaming traits. Bottle jack’s best type of oil is a good lubricant and thus best for use on bottle jacks.

A bottle jack is not that expensive and it’s good to seek the best from different shop outlets to get the best price.

Ensure you go for a legit and approved dealer of this type of oil to get a quality one. A good avenue to seek a quality bottle jack oil is the Amazon website.

If they provide this type of oil, go them since they deal with legit products.

Bottle Jack Repair Instruction: How to Do?

Here are vital instructions about how to repair a bottle jack:

  • Check Bottle Jack Weight Limit

A user manual is provided when purchasing a bottle jack and provides info about the weight limit. Usually, check on the driver’s panel area around the door.

Ensure you don’t lift a car with a jack that isn’t able to lift the weight of your car. You can harm a car or yourself by overlooking this.

  • With no Weight Extend the Jack Completely

Pull the pump if it’s already damaged and can’t work anymore. By opening the release valve situated at the opposite side of the pump, embark to pull out the piston.

Embark to extend the bottle jack and don’t pump. Check if there is oil build-up while the release valve is ajar.

If you see any debris or dirt, a flaw in the seal is prevalent. Search at the bottom area of the piston to check if there is any damage.

If you encounter any cracks, take the jack to a professional repair dealer.

  • Check and Open the Bottle Jack Oil Reservoir

The hydraulic oil should be at least ¼ inch below the hole area. Ensure you fill it to the ¼ inch mark and should not surpass this.

Embark to open with a screwdriver located on the upside area of the cap of the jack.

  • Clean the Jack and Try Opening the Open Release Valve

Do this process and embark to check if there are any instances of the oil leak. Close the bottle jack valve and embark to pump the jack to the fullest level.

Open release to ensure the valve bleeds if it fails to rise. The presence of a leak will ensure there is a flaw and check the seal area.

Hire a professional mechanic to change the seal. Embark to lift the bottle jack and the pump will not latch if fails to lift a car.


Bleeding a faulty bottle jack will ensure that you are safe in case you encounter an emergency. A simple process that you can achieve by following all the above-mentioned insights.

By reading this post about “How To Bleed A Bottle Jack”, you are better prepared in case a bottle jack flaws. All information detailed in this post is factual and researched correctly.

We know the vehicle and other machinery can become faulty at any time and it is wise to have insights about how to bleed a faulty bottle jack.

You are now enriched with vital info on how to better bleed a bottle jack and life should be easy for you now.

If you encounter any vital info we might have omitted by mistake, please include it in the review section of this post.

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