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How To Change Front Shocks On Dodge Ram 1500: Ram DIY FACTS

Every Dodge Ram Truck owner should be well informed on how to change front shocks on dodge ram 1500.

Because shock absorbers play an essential role in your vehicle, you need to learn about its workings, mainly how to replace them when worn out.

Besides a driver’s ability to control a car, many factors are attached to enjoying a smooth drive.

In fact, most of these factors are determined by the truck’s potential. However, all of these factors will come to naught without shock absorbers.

For instance, your truck can have a high-quality performing engine that produces high horsepower.

But without quality shocks for Dodge Ram, a smooth drive will always be a dream that is never fulfilled.

Moreover, your comfort as a passenger and a smooth driving experience is dependent on shock absorbers.

As the name implies, it literally soaks in the unfavorable effects bumpy roads have on your truck. Thus, leaving you with the desired, enjoyable ride.

Unfortunately, you will keep feeling the imperfections on the road if you keep driving around in those worn-out shock absorbers.

Within a few hours of lying under your truck or spending extra bucks at the workshop. However, you can get your vehicle safely back on the road function optimally.

How To Change Front Shocks On Dodge Ram 1500

Tools Needed

If you are going to replace the front shocks in your garage, you might as well equip yourself with every necessary tool. They include:

  • 12-24mm Sockets.
  • Mallet or sledgehammer.
  • Jack.
  • Zip ties.
  • Spring compressor.

Lift the Vehicle

Since you will be working mostly underneath the truck, you should have a clear view of all there is to be done.

So, lift the car’s front end at the designated area, usually at the center of the cross member. Proceed with placing your truck on jack stands.

If you desire to have the entire tuck suspended in the air, you can lift the rear end as well. Usually, you will find yourself working on one end of the truck at a time.

You must be safety-conscious and watch out for the wheels on the ground. Especially if you do not have the whole vehicle suspended in the air.

Since you will be doing some heavy hammering, pulling, and pushing, which might cause the wheels to rotate, you can remove those ones touching the ground for safety purposes.

Remove the Rotors and Brake Calipers

Removing the rotors and brake calipers will make the entire process of replacing the shocks easier, but this is an avoidable step.

That is, you can still replace the shocks without removing these parts.

In short, you will spend less time if you do not remove these parts, but the job will be more comfortable with them removed.

Comfortability is ensured because you will have enough space to navigate through the required parts of the truck.

Please keep the parts removed safely by attaching them with zip ties to the truck’s frame.

Remove the Sway Bar Linkage Nut

Without pounding, and with just a 15mm socket, you can loosen and remove the nut on the sway bar linkage. Proceed to remove and set aside the washer and rubber bushing.

With these, the third step is completed.

Remove the Nuts from Upper and Lower Strut Tower

The strut assembly is a crucial part of the suspension system and parts of it must be loosened to remove the shocks.

There are three visible bolts located at the upper end of the strut assembly; remove them using a 15mm socket.

The lower mounting bolt in the strut assembly can be challenging to remove but becomes comfortable with the right tools in place.

Using the specified socket and wrench, keep the nut in place and remove the bolts present at the point of attachment to the hinged suspension link (control arm).

Be reminded that you will need to wrench really hard for the successful removal of the bolts.

Remove the Complete Strut Assembly and Place it in a Spring Compressor

Having loosened all the bolts from the upper and lower strut tower, you can now lower and remove the complete strut assembly.

Although difficult to remove, it becomes more comfortable with parts of the braking system already removed in the optional step 2; the brake calipers and rotors.

Once you have successfully removed the truck’s strut assembly, you can now remove the shock absorber from it by placing it into the spring compressor.

Installation of New Spring and Strut Assembly

This process shows you are near the completion of the replacement process.

After the removal of the old and worn-out spring, you can proceed with the installation of the new one on the spring perch.

There might be a need for you to return the new spring in the compressor for further compression, depending on your shock settings.

Whenever you are using the spring compressor, take extreme caution;

If your ability to use the tool is in doubt, request assistance from a professional. Another thing to note is that you must follow the manufacturer’s guide for the spring’s successful reassembling.

After all of these has been done, you can proceed with the re-installation of the new complete strut assembly into the vehicle and walk your way back to having your vehicle back on its wheels.

This would mean replacing the rotors and brake calipers if you had them removed initially. Finally, put the wheels back in place and lower the truck. A smooth ride is available on the go!

Cost of Replacing Shocks on Dodge Ram

Shock replacement is best done in pairs. For instance, you could have the front end replaced, the rear ends, or both at the same time.

Unlike strut replacement, the cost of replacing shocks is slightly less as it requires simpler processes.

On average, it costs between $250 and $580 to have a pair of shock absorbers replaced.

Here is a breakdown of how these numbers were arrived at: the cost of a single shock absorber is between $50 and $180, which means you will spend between $100 $280 getting spare parts alone.

Depending on your technical know-how, if you choose to replace the shocks in your garage, all you have to do is spend on the replacement parts.

Otherwise, you might be looking at extra costs for getting the job done.

Usually, this would cost between an additional $150 to $300. Remember, you can replace either ends or both at the same time.

Therefore, the cost of replacing both ends will simply be the above-estimated cost multiplied by two.

Since Dodge Ram does not use advanced shock absorbers like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Lexus, BMW, and other luxury vehicles, you can be sure of getting it replaced at a fair price.

Benefits of Having Front Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500

Safety: Vehicle safety is not limited to buckling up seat belts or not driving beyond the permitted speed limit.

To car owners, that might be all there is, but to car manufacturers and licensed mechanics, a well-built suspension system is a significant part of vehicle safety.

Suspension systems are mainly made up of shock absorbers; therefore, shock absorbers play a vital role in vehicles’ safety.

However, it does so majorly by providing adequate steering stability. A driver is said to be in full control of the steering and, ultimately, the vehicle only if the shock absorbers are perfect.

Frequently when winter is transitioning into spring, a strong wind blows.

And the only reason your vehicle does not veer off the road or become impossible to stop in such situations is because of shocks.

If your experiences are different from these, then you need to change the shocks on your vehicle.

Finding it hard to control the car or bring it to a stop as quickly as it ought to could be as a result of old or worn-out shocks.

Stability: Besides keeping you safe, the shock absorber also ensures the stability of your vehicle.

Shock absorbers help maintain the close relationship between the road and your car tires by boosting the friction, thereby enabling the stability of your car on the road.

Shock absorbers will be useless if we had perfectly flat streets, highways, and country roads, but this is not the case.

The imperfections on the roads cause your wheels to move up and down, and without shock absorbers, this movement will be transferred to the frame of the vehicle.

The absence of shock absorbers will cause your wheels to lose contact with the road surface, although for a moment as gravity acts on the car and get the wheels back in contact.

Comfort: One of the significant reasons for shocks on vehicles is to ensure the comfort of all passengers.

Although it provides vehicle stability, the imperfections on the road will also cause passengers to be tossed up and down while inside the vehicle and not just the wheels.

In order to reduce these vibratory movements, shocks were built into cars for smooth and comfortable rides.

FAQs on How To Change Front Shocks On Dodge Ram 1500

What is the difference between Shocks and Struts?

In terms of function, there is little or no difference between the two. However, struts are entirely different from shocks in the way they are designed.

Both parts play a crucial role in the suspension system and help to control excessive spring movement in vehicles.

Although not to be underestimated, struts can take on the responsibility of two or three parts of the suspension system. It’s how as they serve as a pivot point for steering.

Also, it helps to adjust the position of the wheels significantly during alignment. And these are not entirely different functions from those of the shock absorbers.

How long should I use my shocks before replacing them?

Replacement of shocks is usually recommended in terms of mileage. That is, experts can tell you to replace your shock absorbers after traveling 50,000miles.

However, it is essential to note that shocks can still be in perfect conditions even after traveling this distance. In addition, it can be in total shambles even before half of this mileage.

Why? There are so many factors responsible for the degrading of shock absorbers. Unlike wheels that rotate a certain number of times per mile.

Hence, the shocks can undergo compression immeasurably, particularly on rough roads.

Besides rough roads, weather conditions, wheel modifications, driving habits, and how loaded the vehicle is, are factors that help determine the longevity of shock absorbers.

How do I identity failing or worn-out shocks?

Much as shocks can be subjected to wear and tear far easily than wheels. Additionally, it is challenging to identify worn-out shocks, at least for newbies.

However, if you have used your vehicle for a long and built a strong familiarity with the workings of your truck. Besides, you can quickly tell when something is off.

If you are a car owner with little experience as to the workings of your car, you should consult a technician.

Technicians are experts and will conduct a road test among many others to see if your truck is in perfect working condition.

Usually, they will notice an unusual noise, excessive swaying, or bounce. As well as, further inspection might prove that the shocks are worn out.

Whichever class of truck owner you belong to, for your safety and that of others. Furthermore, always have your shocks replaced when the need arises.


Beyond helping you understand the benefit of the best shock absorbers and the role.

Of course, they play in your vehicle’s stability, safety, and comfort, we trust this post has been informative.

Worn-out shock absorbers will cause many steering problems and more damage to the entire suspension system when not checked in time.

You do not want to incur an extra cost because of something you overlooked. Besides incurring additional expenses, you do not want to put your life and that of others in danger.

A smooth and enjoyable ride is always achievable. But you have your role to play in keeping the shocks in perfect condition.

Also, when they are worn out. Now, it is your duty to ensure that you have the best replacement parts fixed in your suspension system.

Never settle for a less enjoyable bumpy ride; have those shocks absorbers replaced today!

So, how beneficial was it to know how to change front shocks on dodge ram 1500, don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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