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How to Program Dodge Key Fob without Original (Full Process)

Do you own a Dodge vehicle? At one point or the other, you will need to learn how to program dodge key fob without original. Is this statement true for all Dodge users?

Hold on to my cup of coffee while I paint a picture for you.

Imagine stepping out of your home on a cold winter morning and then discovering your car key is missing.

Although you can decide to head back inside for a quick search or grab a replacement key, you are running late, and you have just one key, and it’s missing!

This is a really tough situation to be in. The chances are that you become disoriented for a while, eventually arrive at work late after having to hop on the bus or use the train terminals.

Dodge keys are transponder keys, and without the specially designed key, you cannot access your vehicle.

What about the emergency key? Well, it’s inside the missing key fob. Modern vehicles, modern problems, fortunately, also result in modern solutions.

If you find yourself in a similar situation as described above, locked outside of your car, what you need to do is seek the services of an auto-locksmith and program a new key fob.

How to Program Dodge Key Fob without Original: 5 Steps Process

We have given you an overview of the processes involved in programming new key fobs. However, we will discuss the process in detail here.

Since these steps are not ones you can carry out in your garage all by yourself, let’s take a look at what the auto-locksmith will do.

Step 1: Identify the Model of your Vehicle

This is the first thing any auto-locksmith will do in a bid to program new keys for your vehicle.

Dodge has been in existence for years and has numerous vehicle models to show. The older vehicles traditional lock system, while the newer ones use transponder keys.

Regardless of the lock system on your car, the locksmith will need to identify its Model.

Step 2: Finding the Right Blank Key  

Identifying the Model of your vehicle is a means to end. What end? Finding the right blank key. After the car model has been identified, the locksmith will need to design a compatible key.

The first step in designing a compatible key is identifying the right blank key to use.

Blank keys are uncut keys and are just blank steel or whatever materials your keys are made of. It cannot fit into any keyhole on your vehicle and cannot ignite the engines.

With the use of specialized software, the locksmith will derive every information needed to select the right blank key for your vehicle.

Step 3: Cutting the Key to Spec

No two vehicles have the same key pattern; otherwise, you should be worried about your safety.

Having acquired all the needed information with the software, the locksmith can then input the designated cuts specific for your vehicle onto the blank key.

If the locksmith is unable to acquire this information, there will be a need to find alternative means. In such cases, locksmiths remove the driver’s side door lock.

You can either have the codes imprinted on these locks or not.

If the codes are imprinted, the locksmith can easily use them to access the information needed to design the blank key.

In some other dodge vehicles, you will see the codes on the door cylinder lock or glove box. Either way, you have to dismantle a part of the car.

Otherwise, an expert will need to decode the lock to access the required information. Seems like a lot?

Of course not, at least to the locksmith. Locksmiths are trained experts and can quickly complete these processes.

Besides, they have all the tools needed to complete the described process.

So, this means the blank key is cut to Spec, that is, the exact specifications the original key has. And this is made possible because of the codes from which every other information is derived.

Step 4: Programming Key Fobs For Compatibility

The newer versions of Dodge vehicles use transponder keys, which means you cannot gain access to a car or ignite it if the chip is not identified.

Whenever you insert a transponder key into the keyhole, the chip deactivated your vehicle’s immobilizer; then, the key can ignite the engine.

Once every information about the blank key and transponder chip (a similar process by using the key codes), key fobs can then be programmed. This is usually done in two ways:

  • Clone the Key: Since you have every information needed, this process involves using that information to create another key with the exact physical cut and transponder information.
  • Programming Key Fobs into Your Dodge: Unlike in cloning, where you have to make physical cuts on the key for accurate compatibility, this process is scraped here. With the right blank key available, locksmiths use specialized key programmers to ensure key fob compatibility with the vehicle.

Significantly, the choice of programming the key is determined by the information derived from the vehicle and not by car owners.

After the right selection has been made, other functions like door lock/unlock, boot unlock, and others are programmed into the key.

Step 5: Result Affirmation and Testing

After all the processes above have been completed, the next thing to do is confirm if the key is working. Usually, the keys will work.

You should not expect less from any locksmith who is well-trained and uses sophisticated tools.

Confirm if the lock/unlocks buttons get the doors opened and every other control’s functionality.

Required Tools

This section will not do much for you as a car owner, except you are looking forward to making locksmithing your new hobby.

However, it is a good thing to be updated with the latest information, so you do not sound like a novice or appear like one when such issues arise.

Since the process of programming new dodge key fobs requires sophisticated tools, let’s take a look at some of those tools and their functions in the entire process.

  • Primary Scan Tool: is a diagnostic tool used to program keys. It costs thousands of dollars, and only the best auto locksmith has this in their tool kit.
  • Electronic Key Cutting Machine: is used to cut keys to Spec.

Remember, the process of programming new keys might not be completed without imprinting the right cuts onto blank keys. Cutting machines cost hundreds of dollars.

As you can see, these tools are not what an average car owner can have in their possession.

Purpose-built tools such as these are only found in auto-locksmith workshops, hence, why you cannot attempt to program new dodge key fobs on your own.

What Does It Mean by “How to Program Dodge Key Fob without Original”

We are describing a way out when you find yourself locked outside of your vehicle; the meaning revolves around this.

Before we explain what programming a dodge key without original means is, let’s discuss briefly what key programming is.

Usually, you need the original key to program replacement keys for your vehicles. This process is straightforward and doesn’t require professional help.

All you have to do is buy a key programmer that is compatible with your car, a new key fob and be around your vehicle.

The purchased key programmer reads the original keycodes and inputs them onto the replacement key to make it compatible with your vehicle.

Contrary to this, you are locked out of your vehicle and cannot go through the process stated above.

Programming key fobs without original means designing a new key for your car, and the process requires sophisticated tools that cost hundreds of dollars.

Sophisticated tools are used to access every necessary information to create the new keys since there is no original key to simply read the codes from.

Dodge Ram Replacement Key Cost

When you think about the cost of programming new keys, this quote should cross your mind: “talk is cheap, actions are expensive.”

This quote actually comes to life when you ponder on the cost of getting new keys.

We can go all day talking about the nitty-gritty details involved in learning how to program dodge keys without original, but you also need to be prepared financially.

Now is the time to set the knowledge aside and talk numbers. Firstly, you are going to spend money on buying and cutting blank keys.

This should cost between $70-$100. Compared to the $30 spent on duplicating keys, if you have the original with you, you see why you must try not to find yourself in this position.

The next thing you will be spending money on is the programming of the keys, which ranges between $70 and $100.

Lastly, you can either tow your vehicle to the dealer’s store or call an auto locksmith. Calling an auto-locksmith will cost you around $60 for service calls and trip charges.

If you tow your vehicle, you will spend about $100 or more, depending on your location.

In summary, it will cost between $200 and $300 to have new key fobs programmed for your vehicle.

Notably, the cost of the transponder key is not included because there are different models of dodge vehicles out there.

FAQs about How to Program Dodge Key Fob without Original

How do I program my Dodge RAM key?

You can simply read through the entirety of this post as we have provided reasonable solutions to that.

However, how you program your key is dependent on whether you are in possession of an original key or not.

Can you program a dodge key fob yourself?

Of course, you can! But the condition is the same as in the first question. Are you in possession of the original key fob?

If yes, you can buy a simple key programmer and follow the instruction manual or read our post on such related topics?

Fortunately, this blog post is for you if you do not have the original key. By now, you already know you need professional help to have new keys programmed.

How much does it cost to program a Dodge key fob?

The cost of programming alone is between $70 and $100. That is, you have a key, and it has been cut; all you need is just to have it programmed.

However, if you intend on programming new remote/transponder keys at the auto-locksmith with no key in your possession, expect to spend between $200 and $300.

Can a dealership make a key from the VIN?

As long as the vehicle is yours and you have proof of ownership, dealers can program new keys from the VIN.

How does a key fob work?

Remote/transponder keys operate with doors using radio waves and ignite engines with the transponder chips.

The RFID system designed for this operation ensures the accuracy and security of transponder keys and your vehicle.

Key fobs are a type of transponder key and have been allegedly said to function like barcodes on credit cards.

What does FOB stand for?

As much as the fob is not an abbreviation, people have attributed different meanings.

Some believe fob means “pocket,” considering the word’s origin. Other’s believe it means keyless operated buttons.

Final Thoughts

Being locked out of your vehicle is not a pleasant situation. As much as it is avoidable, it is inevitable.

If you find yourself in such cases, you know what to do next.

Since we have discussed how to program dodge key fob without original and answered some of the most FAQs, you already know the way out.

You cannot take a dig at technology for putting you in a tight position. Instead, be grateful for increased security and protect yourself from experiencing such.

Purchase replacement keys beforehand and have them programmed.

Give them to your spouse or store somewhere around your home where it is safe and out of reach for pets and your children.

If the inevitable happens, be ready to pump some extra bucks into the pockets of an auto-locksmith in exchange for new keys.

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