Guaranteeing Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental human right. We must fight to ensure that every American has both coverage and access to quality healthcare. And we must make fiscally sound choices to bring the skyrocketing costs of healthcare down.

  • Guarantee coverage for essential health services that protect our families like maternity care, hospital services, and mental health care.
  • Protect people with pre-existing conditions so they cannot be charged higher premiums or denied insurance.
  • Safeguard women’s access to reproductive health care. This includes well-visits, preventive care, and cancer screenings.
  • Negotiate drug prices. The VA negotiates and saves 40%; every American deserves those savings.
  • Unburden small and family-owned businesses from the overwhelming cost of providing health insurance to their employees.
  • Liberate entrepreneurs to leave their jobs and start new businesses without the fear of losing their healthcare coverage.

Medicare-for-All will achieve these goals.  It will also significantly lower the out-of-pocket cost of healthcare services for individuals and families.


Revitalizing The Economy

We need an economy that works for everyone. Too many people are working too many hours for too little money. Central New York needs more, better-paying jobs and long-term growth.

  • Build a green economy, which is the future of long-term economic growth and stability. Central New York has the scientific and manufacturing capabilities to be on the leading edge of renewable energy.   
  • Pay a living wage. No person in the United States of America who works full time should live in poverty.    
  • Implement tax policy that makes sense for working families. We need to close loopholes to make sure that the wealthy pay their fair share.  And we need to collect the $750 billion in taxes owed on off-shore corporate profits so we can invest it here at home.

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

Equal protection under the law is a Central New York value. But there are problems in our country’s justice system that undermine that value.  We need a renewed focus on rehabilitation and fairness.

  • Provide adequate mental health care and job training services in our prisons. That is how we ensure that when people leave our prisons, they are ready to return as productive, tax-paying members of our community.
  • Eliminate cash bail, excessive fines and fees, and private probation. These policies punish people with jail time simply because they are poor. This violates core principles of equal treatment; we cannot put a price on liberty or justice.


Protecting Our Environment

We are home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and resources in the country. But our environment is facing unprecedented dangers from climate disruption. More than ever, we need to continue the Central New York tradition of protecting and preserving our land, water, and air. 

  • Reinstate environmental protections rolled back by this GOP Congress. We’ve made too much progress to watch it undone.
  • Institute a carbon tax. By putting a price on carbon emissions, we will reduce demand.  The market will then move to invest heavily in renewable energy.
  • Invest in water infrastructure. We need to replace lead pipes to ensure that our drinking water is safe.
  • Move towards 100% renewable energy. We need to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and become world leaders in renewable energy technology.

Strengthening Public Education

Education is the cornerstone of democracy. Our public school system is under assault; the Department of Education is trying to privatize it. We cannot allow that to happen. Providing quality education is one of the government’s most important obligations to the people.

  • Invest in quality schools for all of our children, not in charter schools for a few.   Every child deserves access to a public school that meets high standards of accountability.
  • Fully fund our public schools. In too many places, under-resourced schools and districts are waiting for money from the state and federal government.
  • Establish universal Pre-K for all three and four year olds so they have the preparation they need to succeed in school.
  • Revitalize civics education. We need to prepare students to become participants in our democracy.  This requires knowing how all levels of government work, how to engage in public deliberation, and how to get along in a plural society.