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Top 03 Kicker Hideaway Review 2021: Best Power Subwoofers

Love music during driving the car? If so, you must want to add a high-quality bass sound system in your car, right?

Look no further anymore. Our Kicker Hideaway review post provides you with the best bass sound systems that will make your life fun and extra thrilling.

However, suitable car sound systems are rare to get, and you need to get acquainted with the right info to get the right system.

Besides, we mean an enhanced bass system that will conveniently fit your car and give you the ideal service.

Kicker Hideaway Subwoofer Review: Top Pick

Photo Title Buy
KICKER 11HS8 8 KICKER 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8 Buy On Amazon
KICKER 46HS10 Compact...image KICKER 46HS10 Compact Powered 10-inch Subwoofer Buy On Amazon

Top 3 Best Kicker Hideaway Review 2021 Update

As well as, we have done this easy for you by providing this review post that is correct and up to date with changing sound system tech innovations.

Therefore, continue reading further to get acquainted with the best Kicker Hideaway subwoofers for your car.

01. KICKER Hideaway 11HS8 Car Audio Ultra-Compact Powered Subwoofer System

Kicker Hideaway Review


Here we present an award-winning sub-woofer that has won the CES award for engineering and design innovation.

Users acquainted with this car sub have a great sound compact system that complements well with a car.

Using black color to make this product, the designers gave all users a good sound system that functions well on cars.

Despite its small size, the Kicker Hideaway11HS8 subwoofer offers immense sound quality ideal for a great travel experience for all people who own a car.

From the design to audio aspects, this product is a top-notch, and valuable addition for everyone who loves to drive and listen to music.

The kicker hideaway sub review is versatile for your everyday use if you love a deep, consistent, and controlled bass sound that lasts longer.

Moreover, a detailed manual script is provided when purchasing this product. Pictures on the manual offer a convenient installation process to get the Kicker Hideaway functioning.

When purchasing this product, high-quality nylon straps help to enhance and anchor the sub-woofer intact.

To disconnect the sub-woofer and all its components is simple, and everything you need is speculated on the manual script.

However, the high performance is a unique feature; this sub-woofer affords all users acquainted with it. You can have top hits under low notes without having to thin extensively.

Importantly, the Kicker Hideaway 11 HS8 has priceless automatic features, and you can use the remote or bass knob to adjust sound levels.

The best hideaway subwoofer 11HS8 sub-woofer is an ideal option for all music lovers if you like a soft sound or thunderous hits.

A good option for all music lovers who like to listen to music while driving their favorite car models.

With an RMS power of 150 watts that stand at 14.4 volts, car and music enthusiasts only need to put a little force on their vehicle to produce high and controlled bass abilities.

The wide low-end frequency response of about 25-120 Hz and bass output that stands at 40Hz spices your travel mood.

All these output number levels give users the best sound effects that are ideal for traveling and hiking with friends.

An automatic high/low converter helps to ensure all people acquainted with this sub-woofer have the best sound output.

Settings are automatic, and users need not set them a new one after switching off the sound output device.

Literally, the black color aspects and portable dimensions of this sub-woofer rhyme well with the interior of most cars. A good thing about this sub-woofer is the ability to be set under a seat.

Usually, most sound products are placed on boots, but the best hideaway subwoofer review is suited for fitting on the underside of seats.

Users have the convenience of reaching this product while driving, although it’s not recommended.


  • Easy installation process
  • Robust frequency response
  • Remote control for easy tuning
  • Appealing design


  • A level signal adapter is unavailable

02. KICKER 11HS8 150W-  High Quality 6.5″ Ultra Compact Powered Subwoofer

Kicker Hideaway Review


Actually, as its name speculates, KICKER 11HS8 150W-Hideaway is a highly powerful and performing subwoofer that is a great addition to your car.

Great portability is a rare feature this subwoofer offers to its users as it’s fast and simple to set up the whole system.

Unlike common subwoofers that take time to get installed, this model of Kickers’ sound systems only needs a small space to fit in a car.

Installing it in your car seat underside is easy and fast to accomplish.

If you need to reach the subwoofer’s control or unplug inputs, you just need to set the system in a strategic location you can reach with ease.

Sound systems that are best for cars should have good bass effects and robust sound properties like fine-tuning.

The capability to produce sound from a frequency of 25 Hz to 120 Hz makes this product an excellent addition to your car.

Also, you can adjust the bass level, and it takes a few minutes for the system to track the ideal notes with great clarity.

Kicker 150W-Hideaway is high-performing and suitable for people who love to travel and enjoy listening to music.

A compact design that offers immense portability for setting and also un-installing the sub-woofer in a car.

Also, this product delivers low-frequency sound output from a compact enclosure that normal sub-woofers fail to achieve.

International recognition of this Kicker Hideaway model of sub-woofers allows users to get acquainted with a unique and top-quality sound system.

A standard sound plug and play system that performs incredibly and is convenient for cars are priceless product users are afforded.

A well-detailed and easy-to-read manual is made available when purchasing this sub-woofer.

All installation and removal aspects are well elaborated to give users a convenient time while using the sub-woofer.

Long-lasting nylon straps make it convenient for users to set up and remove components connected to this Kicker Hideaway subwoofer model.

A related technology that provides bright and clean sound is used to add robust sound effects to this subwoofer.

Users get to listen to their favorite music hits with a controlled tempo that is rare to find.

Bass sound innovation makes this sub-woofer produce a serene sound even when it’s set in cumbersome areas on a car.

Who doesn’t like a convenient to carry and install sub-woofer?

Users acquainted with this sub-woofer get great portability when fixing the sound system on their car boots and the underside of their car seats.

The ultra-compact design for this system makes it convenient to install in the tightest locations. Removing the system out of your car is easy, and users should have no problem accomplishing this.

Users are provided with convenient usability as they can control and change sound aspects as they like to.

A remote for changing bass and other sound aspects affords users great control ability while traveling.

Settings also are automatic, and you can change them any time you need a change.


  • Easy to install
  • Consistent sound effects
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Remote control for tuning


  • The inadequate frequency for some people

03. Kicker-Hideaway 11HS8 Compact-8in Powered High-Performance Sub Box

Kicker Hideaway Review


A new car requires a top-quality and high-performing bass sound system.

The compact-8in bass system affords users an exceptional trip that is fun and enjoyable. Listening to music while traveling is one of the sweetest moments in life.

As such, you need a versatile subwoofer that is easy to install and control. Users acquainted with this system have the best sound properties and a system worth every penny.

A clear sound and bass is a great service provided by the designers of this excellent subwoofer. Enhanced bass and controlled sound car sound system are not that easy to find.

Users acquainted with this sound system are afforded a one-of-a-kind chance to control sound and have an improved bass sound system.

By integrating legendary technology into the bass machine, reaching trembling bass levels is possible.

Traveling by car requires the utmost concentration and a manually controlled car sound system could prove tricky to use.

Having control of the subwoofer system installed on your car requires automated means of control.

A remote for this Kicker Hideaway subwoofer is provided. You can, as such, adjust the bass level of the music by using the remote while driving conveniently.

Changing the frequency of sound anytime you want is a unique feature this car bass subwoofer provides.

Importantly, kicker hideaway sub-review that you get diverse options to explore and listen to your favorites hits you like.

Cars have compact spaces, and fitting a subwoofer can be a cumbersome process to achieve.

The best hideaway subwoofer compact-8in the bass system is made lightweight and also small to fit in the most remote places in a car.

If you want to install the sound system on the underside part of the seat or the boot, this product fits well in most car models.

One crucial aspect every car owner looks out for when purchasing a sound system for their car is easy installation and removal.

Setting up this system on the underside of your car seat is easy and takes less than 10 minutes to articulate according to reviews we have analyzed.

Also, users who own this bass system can uninstall the components easily. A manual script for the system is available and free.

Importantly, the manual helps you install, secure, and remove all subwoofers’ components when you need to.


  • A compact design feature
  • Remote for bass regulation
  • Made of durable aluminum cone
  • Increased equilibrium


  • Nuisance noise at top volume

Specialties of Kicker Hideaway Sub-woofers

Not all subwoofers are alike, and they come with different usability. As such, you need to know key info and specs about a sub-woofer to ensure it’s the right fit for your car and use.

Having a Kicker Hideaway subwoofer is one thing, but is the system suited for you?

Here are some specialties that the best hideaway subwoofer compact powered subwoofer are suited for.

Outdoor Activities

Who doesn’t love to go for a trip and rest on the green grounds with friends? By having this sub-woofer, you get to entertain your friends while traveling.

This product’s excellent sound control is ideal, as you can fine-tune the sub to give your friends a fun-filled trip.

Great trembling sound is not a problem with Kicker Hideaway sub-woofers since you can create a party-like environment.

Great Fit on Compact Car Locations

Users acquainted with this product can testify on how it is easy to fit the sub on a car boot or underside of the seats.

By this, we mean that Kicker Headway systems can be equipped in the most remote locations thanks to great portability.

Sound is not affected once you install the system on your car’s underside seat. Importantly it offers easy access to reach and make necessary changes you deem fit.


One thing is sure, Kicker Headway subs are suited for all car enthusiasts’ needs.

This product proves to be a great addition from having better control and great sound effects that reach high bass levels to being adapted for cars.

Kicker Hideaway Subwoofer Review Including Buying Facts

Now that you have been enlightened about the best Kicker Hideaway sound systems, how can you make the right pick?

First, you need to get info about key specs and other factors that make a sound system highly versatile. With the right information, this should be an easy affair, and you importantly, make the right choice.

Here are the factors you should consider when getting a new Kicker Hideaway sound system for your car.

Ease of Set-Up

When installing the best hideaway subwoofer, you will be subjected to a tight space. Thus, the sub-woofer you pick should be easy to set up and remove if you need to.

Speakers and all power inputs should be straightforward to reach, and if need be, should be around the side panel of the case.

Importantly you will not need to struggle while plugging and unplugging cables on the system.

Ease of Control and Usability

One of the most nagging things a car owner can encounter is having to control a sound system manually by pressing buttons.

Remotes have made it possible for all people to control Kicker Hideaway systems with the utmost convenience.

If you need to control the system manually, it should be positioned in a well-reachable location.

A sub-woofer that comes with auto features is an excellent choice since it can automatically detect signals and turn them on.

A subwoofer with these features affords all buyers convenient and user-friendly usability.

Power Capacity

Not all Kicker Hideaway systems are designed the same. Some are more powerful and require huge power to function. Here, the choice you make should complement your car model.

If you want a sub that hits deeper, you will have to get a robust and high-power-consuming sub-woofer.

All in all, there are different types of Kicker Hideaway sound systems, and there is something for everyone.

Best Kicker Hideaway Review: Crucial Q&A

Finding the best hideaway subwoofer system for your car is not an easy thing. You need to get right all aspects that make a top-quality car sub-woofer system.

You importantly, want to get the right and best product that is convenient to fit in your car.

Most searched online questions are an effective place to check for questions and answers about these products.

Take a look at these FAQs to get solutions or insights.

Here are the most asked questions about Kicker Hideaway:

Q: What is the contact info for Kicker Hideaway?

KICKER Customer Service

  • Email: warranty@kicker.com
  • Phone: 1-405-624-8510

Q: What is the ideal location to set my new Kicker Hideaway system on the car?

You have multiple locations where it’s suitable to install and make a home for a precious sound system. Therefore, you can opt to set the order on the boot or the underside of the car seats.

The underside of the car seat is a sweet and well-secured location to house this system.

Q: Will my Kicker Hideaway Sub-woofer be affected by rough road terrain?

Strong and durable nylon straps anchor the sub-woofer to your ideal location in the car.

The best hideaway subwoofer compact powered subwoofer whether you are traveling on a smooth or rough road terrain, this system is firmly anchored and does not get affected either way.

Q: Do Kicker Hideaway systems have a remote?

All systems affiliated with kicker hideaway subwoofer reviews come with a remote tool to make it convenient for users to change and use sub-woofers.

Users acquainted with these products are provided with an exceptional sound and travel experience. They are changing sound aspects while traveling is free and easy for everyone to achieve.

Q: Where can I buy a top-quality Kicker Hideaway system?

Since there are fake systems on the market that affiliate themselves with Kicker Hideaway systems, it is wise to conduct thorough research before purchasing one.

You can purchase these systems on Amazon or through a legit Kicker Hideaway shop outlet.

Final Words

Every car enthusiast wants to have the best and right sound system for their car. Bass matters especially to people who love to drive while listening to their favorite tunes.

Getting the best subwoofer for your car is a tricky affair since you need to make the right choice, and it’s not easy.

Today’s markets are filled with all sorts of sound systems that claim to be the best.

We have made it possible for you to get a high-performing and great bass system by availing this Kicker Hideaway Review.

All these products have great bass sound and are a great addition to your car.

Grab one of them today, and you will add a lively feeling in your car. Remember to consider all the factors mentioned above while purchasing a good bass sound system for your car.

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