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Noco GB40 Review: A Great Car Battery Jump Starter

Car jump starter devices are the most reliable at starting a dead engine, and this Noco GB40 review post is rich in valuable info about the Noco gb40 car jump starter.

One thing is sure, this high-versatile device will bring life back to your battery in less than 5 seconds.

As such, it’s a great necessity to improve your car’s overall functionality without having to worry about dead engine issues.

We have made it easy for you to get valuable insights about the Noco gb40 jump starter by providing this factual researched review post.

Top Rated Noco Genius Boost Plus GB40 Review

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You can 100% trust the info provided by this post since it’s correct and updated with current tech innovations about this device.

Continue reading further to get valuable insights about the Noco gb40 car starter.

Best Noco GB40 Review 2021


Having a great and affordable car jump starter device is a wise decision to make today.

With the Noco gb40 car jump starter tool, you are afforded fast dead battery recharging time and a durable accessory that will serve you for a long.

Also, the Noco gb40 device is affordable and thus does not break the bank.

Charge your tablet, smartphone, and other USB-affiliated gadgets with the convenience and sound reliability of this unique device.

By being safe enhanced with innovative spark proof and reverse polarity tech, this device is a great fit for jumpstarting your car’s 12 Volts battery.

Now, let’s take a look at its important features that make it suitable and great for your overall car battery jumpstarting and other necessities you need.

  • Robust Performance

One thing true about this jump starter device is its high-performance ability, which is super great to power your car.

By being 1000 Amp means that this accessory can provide up to 7000 joules of energy required to power your most treasured asset effectively.

A single charge of this device has the capability to power up to 20 cars conveniently with efficient performance being realized.

Importantly, this car jump starter is ideal for using 12 voltage lead-acid affiliated batteries.

All In all, this vehicle jump starter device is a great addition to seek and is robust in performance suited for starting your priceless asset.

  • High Portability

A beneficial aspect of this device is its high portability which it possible for you to store it conveniently and in compact locations.

By design, it’s 80% smaller than most commonly found lithium car jump starter devices.

By having a 1.7-inch height, it’s compact enough for convenient transportation from one location to another.

As a driver, you have immense carry options as you can store it in a toolbox, car trunk, and other suitable storage spaces.

To add more to this, its sleek and compact design holds well in diverse ports and buttons.

Have a convenient to store and also carry device by getting acquainted with the Noco gb40 car jump starter.

  • Easy to Charge

Noco gb40 is very easy to charge according to reviews garnered from its users. To charge it, you have different options since it can be power boosted with a USB cable or a 12 Voltage vehicle charger.

As such, you have an easy-to-charge tool that takes just a few hours to get fully charged and hence achieves top-notch car jump starting needs all the time.

  • Highly versatile with top-notch performance levels

A multi-purpose car jump starter that is ideal to use on diverse motors like boats, UTVs, ATVs, and campers.

As such, you are afforded a gadget that is convenient to jumpstart different motor-powered engines.

A great and rare thing about this tool is its ability to conveniently power both gas and diesel-powered engines.

Beware! For gas-powered engines, it operates for 6.0 L and 3.0 L for diesel-powered engines.

  • Fast Jump Time

One thing is certain, you are in search of a great and high-performing car jump starter that brings your car’s battery to life instantly.

By getting acquainted with this unique product, you are availed of a device that recharges your car battery in a matter of seconds.

Within 3 to 5 seconds, this car jump starter device has immense power to promptly charge your battery.

  • Led Flashlight

Apart from charging applicable gadgets, the Noco genius boost plus gb40 review has a built-in LED feature that comes with 7 different modes.

An SOS and emergency strobe LED aspects are added to this unique car jump starter.

By being 100-lumen power output, this device helps to give your bright light for robust night vision.

Also, the LED flashlight can be used as a warning in case your vehicle is disabled and needs a roadside fix.

In addition, this device is high-powered to meet all your 12 volts usability needs.

Whether you want to power your dead car battery or stranded at a dark corner, this device is a wise choice to seek.

  • Rugged Exterior Design

A rugged and water-resilient case for this product is tough and resistant against any flaws that are prevalent when anchored in a car.

Be it water infestation or scratches and knocks, this tool does not get affected.

All this ensures you have convenient usability, knowing that it can last for long even under rogue conditions.

  • Safety Enhanced

Since this device is high in performance, it is crucial for it to have a safety-enhanced mechanism that is effective at curbing rogue power outages.

Designers of Noco gb40 had the best user interest and made sure it’s safe to use for everyone interested to get acquainted with it.

An in-built spark-proof system and reverse polarity protection ensure that this tool functions optimum with robust safety precautions.

Also, it is safety enhanced with a sophisticated system that can detect connection errors prevalent with most car jump starter products.

Another great safety measure is the availability of flexible cables that are manufactured with strong and durable materials.

As such, you can use the power of your car at optimum levels without having to worry about cable melting and overheating issues.

  • Recharges Phones & Other Applicable Devices

While taking a long trip, your smartphone may get low on power seldom and this tool is power enhanced with the ability to charge different gadgets.

Charge your low battery smartphone, tablet, and other applicable accessories with the convenience of Noco genius boost plus gb40 review car jump starter.

  • Easy to Maintain

One thing is certain, this car jump starter tool is easy to maintain. With proper use and maintenance practices, this device can serve you long enough until you get tired of it.

Also, replacing this device any time soon is not a worrying issue as it is highly durable to last for long.

Before taking a long trip or vacation, check the charge of your Noco gb40 device to ensure it is well charged and functioning at optimum levels.

  • Great Affordable Price

By falling at an affordable price tag, this device is great to buy and importantly doesn’t break the bank.

Get this high-performing car jump starter tool that is cost-effective when comparing the price and its overall usability.

  • Easy Installation

You do not need to hire an expert so as to fix and get this device working at robust levels. Also, to uninstall this device is simple and takes less effort than is possible to articulate by yourself.

To install this car jump starter device, you simply need to connect its plug connections directly to your car battery.

  • All-weather Round Usability

Use this car jump starter product with great effect since it’s suited to function at optimum levels in different climatic conditions. You can use it in extreme weather conditions be it cold or hot.

As such, this tool is great for use in almost all weather and climatic conditions without getting affected by any prevalent hot or cold conditions.

  • High Durable Battery Clamps

Long-lasting battery clamps that span 23 inches in length are capable of reaching your car battery posts conveniently.

Additionally, this feature comes with a high temp resilient silicone wire that is flexible with your car power output ranges.

Also, these clamps can withstand extremely hot temperatures during the summer periods.

Tips to maintain the Noco GB40 device

With proper use and maintenance, the Noco gb40 car jump starter is a great device for your car and lasts long.

To maintain this device well, ensure you follow these maintenance practices.

  • Store in a Cool & Dry Place

Ensure that when not in the use of this device, you store it in a convenient location that is cool and dry. Although it’s resilient to water infestation, avoid exposing it in moist location spaces.

  • Ensure You Make Proper Connections

When purchasing this device, ensure you are provided with a user manual that details how to connect this car jump starter right.

This script also provides remedies on how to use the Noco gb40 car jump starter better and maintain it.

Overall, the Noco gb40 is a great device to jumpstart your dead car battery and has sound maintenance practices.

Noco Genius GB40 Review- What You Need to Find

Before proceeding to buy a great and suitable Noco gb40 car jump starter, it’s wise to get valuable insights about important buying considerations for this device.

By getting these valuable insights, you will get a top-notch yet durable car jump starter suited for your overall care and personal usability needs.

Here are some important buying considerations for the Noco gb40 car jump starter device.


You most importantly want to get acquainted with a long-lasting car jump starter that can serve you for many years.

By getting this unique car jump starter you are afforded a long-lasting device that is easy to maintain.

The rugged exterior design for this device is tough to withstand scratches and knocks that can deteriorate regular car jump starter device functionality.

High-versatility Performance

Importantly, ensure that the Noco gb40 car jump starter is high-performance and can power within 3 seconds your car battery.

As such, ensure you get a convenient and reliable device that is able to save you in tricky situations.

Multipurpose Usability

A great car jump starter should be able to function and jump starter other machines like boats, cars, and other applicable machines.

Ensure that it can charge USB port affiliated devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

Safety Aspects

Look for a safety-enhanced car jump starter that has robust spark-proof and reverses polarity safety aspects.

All this ensures that you have a safety boosted gadget that is made to save you from the prevalent rogue car engine power outage.

LED Flashlight Enabled

Ensure you get a car jump starter with an LED flashlight that can be used to check your car engine if it fails in dark places. Also, the LED flashlight should have different light modes to suit your overall visibility when looking for car flaws at night.

Common FAQ’s of Noco GB40 Car Battery Jump Starter

The frequently asked questions section provides questions and answers to the most prevalently asked queries about the Noco gb40 product.

Importantly, this section helps you get insights on how to better solve the issues that pertain to the usability of this device.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Noco GB40 review.

Where can I buy a great and original Noco gb40 car jump starter?

To buy a great and high-performing Noco gb40 car jump starter can be a tricky affair.

As such, you need a trustworthy and legit Noco gb40 product that is original and suitable for jumpstarting your 12 Volts car battery.

You can get this product from legalized Noco gb40 shop-outlet or via the Amazon website. Here you will get a durable

What are some important features to look out for when purchasing a great car jump starter?

Here are some important look-out features for a suitable 12 Volts car battery jump starter.

  • Multi-purpose usability
  • Can charge tablets, smartphones, and other applicable gadgets.
  • Has sound maintenance practices.
  • Resilient to cable overheating and melting.
  • High-performance to power 6 L gas engines and 3.0 L diesel engines.

How long does this product hold power?

After purchasing this device, it can hold 70% of its designed power capacity for a year. To achieve top-notch performance, charge this device every 6 months or a year.

How can I recharge my Noco gb40 device?

You can recharge this device conveniently via a USB cable. Any applicable USB device that supports the recharging of the device is great. Examples include laptops, car chargers, and others.

How safe is the Noco gb40 car jump starter?

In this Noco Genius boost plus GB40 review, we mostly focus on safety.

By being safety enhanced against over-voltage and having spark protection, this device is great to use on your 12 Volts car battery.

Noco Genius Boost Plus GB40 Review- Pros & Cons

Some realized benefits of the Noco gb40 device include:

Safe Usability

Built-in spark-proof and polarity safety mechanism ensures that you can use this device with sound convenience knowing that its safety is enhanced for the best overall operation.

Noco gb40 car jump starter has durable power cables that are tough and resilient against overheating issues.

Also, it has an installed safety display feature that detects connection problems and other flaws that can affect its overall operating capability

Convenience Storage

By being lightweight and compact in design, this device can be secured conveniently in your car and takes a small space.

You never have to worry about being stranded when in use of this easy-to-carry and secure car jump starter.

Multipurpose Usability

Use this car jump starter device to charge your smartphone, tablet, and other applicable accessories.

High Versatility

With just a single power charge, this device is capable of jumpstarting up to 20 cars provided that they are 12 Volt lead-acid based batteries.

Despite its compact size, it performs well on most diesel-powered engines.

Some of the flaws prevalent about the Noco gb40 car jump starter include:

Usability Restrictions

The usability of this device is restricted to only 12-volt lead-acid affiliated batteries. Also, it’s only applicable for use on 6 L gas engines and 3 L diesel-powered engines.  

A Limited Number of Ports

Unlike other common car jump starter devices that come with many voltage ports, the Noco gb40 tool has only 5-volt ports.

By this, the device limits users who have other USB ports different from 5-voltage ones.

Final Verdict

Without any doubt, the Noco gb40 car jump starter is an important device every car owner should get acquainted with.

With many applicable uses, this device can be used to jumpstart your troubled car, charge smartphones, and other gadgets.

We hope that this Noco gb40 review post has been helpful and you are now well enlightened about this car jump starter tool.

One thing about us is that we value and want you to make a wise decision when purchasing this Noco gb40 device.

If you encounter any relevant info we might have omitted in the course of reviewing this product, please include the info after fully reading it.

Set yourself ahead of other car owners by getting this high-versatile and safety-enhanced-to-use gadget that is convenient for jumpstarting your treasured asset.

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