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Dodge Ram Truck Leveling Kit Problems: Fix and Fit Your Truck

A leveling kit is essential to raise a vehicle’s front part, thereby making it the same as the back part. However, most vehicle owners face truck leveling kit problems quite frequently. 

One of the few reasons you’d want to install a quality leveling kit properly is not to permanently damage your truck.

Some other reasons might include accommodating bigger tires, supporting a snowplow, or increasing ground clearance.

A truck owner might prefer a leveling kit so that the truck has a leveled suspension.

Avoiding several potential issues in the truck is simple when a leveling kit is appropriately installed by a professional and with up-to-date maintenance. 

Always remember to use high-quality leveling kits since it will be ideal if you want to fit larger tires for your truck. Investing in it can be worth it in the long run.  

Let’s now take a look at a few problems with leveling kits and their possible solutions:

Dodge Ram Truck Leveling Kit Problems: Highlighted Problems

After the installation of the leveling kit, the alignment of the truck becomes crucial. Whenever the leveling is done, adjustments will be made to the carter.

Without a proper alignment to the vehicle’s front, there will be poor wearing of tires, and the truck will be dismantled aside while it’s moving. 

There will be vibrations in your truck with higher speed if there are no adjustments to the carters.

Most car shops frequently disregard the casters’ importance, as they have no relationship with tires wearing. 

However, when you’ve lifted the truck’s front end, you’ll experience a few changes if there is no alteration to the casters. 

1. Faulty Installation

Installation is one of the major truck leveling kit problems. Either that can be done on your own, or an expert can do the job.

A few numbers of these kinds of leveling kits have direct rules and guidelines. 

Nonetheless, several videos are available on YouTube, which is self-explanatory and for different kinds of trucks.

Any kind of mistake and might be horrible, even if you have installed the leveling kit appropriately. 

The whole truckload relies upon the suspension, which is significant for every unit to be installed appropriately.

2. Tie-rod Affections

During the time spent on establishing leveling kits, changes happen at the GMC tie rod’s edge. Such an issue can happen to truck drivers playing rough territories or getting dry streets. 

Those who intend to offer life to the truck and then put massive tires a short time later, you’re probably going to experience this issue.

Tie shafts that are installed at the industrial facility may break or curve under the effect. 

3. Harmed Suspension Component

Such a concern emerges concerning installing leveling kits. A part of the suspension’s instrument may get destroyed too soon. 

4. Maintenance Needs

Another significant issue of leveling kits is the maintenance requirement. Possibilities are higher that there will be more damages to the portion of the parts in the truck’s suspension quicker.

Producers design the trucks to work in a specific way, and the adjustments made might change the alignment and increment the truck’s wear and tear. 

Herein, the joints get harmed quicker when the front suspension experiences adjustments. 

5. Shock Issues

Once the leveling kit is installed, new shocks must be added.

Producers fix shocks into trucks; nonetheless, those comprehensive sets at the business by the merchant should find a way into confinement. 

Note that they are not intended to be set in the extensive areas between the wheel pivot and shaft. 

6. Fuel Mileage is Lower

Issues of leveling kits incorporate gas mileage getting lower, decreasing the coverage of miles inclusion, and the trucks’ range.

As there is an increase in trucks’ height, the wing’s resistance gets higher, particularly in the front. 

Typically, racing vehicles are needed to remain as near to the ground as possible. Expanded wind current and drag bring about higher fuel utilization. 

7. Warranty

One of the drawbacks to a leveling kit’s installation is that there is a danger of not getting on your truck’s warranty. Once it’s outside the coverage of your warranty, don’t worry at all. 

Once a change is made to your truck’s suspension, you won’t get any free fixes done if harm ought to happen, regardless of whether it is inside your warranty period.

Therefore, one must be aware of such issues.

Truck Leveling Kit Problems Solutions: Effective and Smart Ways

Now that we have a look at the problems, let’s take a look at their possible solutions:

  • Solution for leveling kits Alignment

After the leveling kit is installed, you need to get your headlights changed to make up for height issues.

For setting large-sized tiers, you must know that it might negatively affect your vehicles’ braking mechanisms, steering or handle, 

Before setting uplifting or a leveling kit or making little modifications, consult with a repairer from a vendor that can be trusted. 

  • Solution for Warranty-related Issues

The most astute choice is waiting for the warranty time frame to get over.

Typically, makers are hesitant to continue with the warranty when the vehicle experiences significant changes accordingly. 

Notwithstanding, the situation might differ if you abstain from harming the truck during kit installation.

A warranty could possibly be voided relying upon the measure of wearing it has. To know whether the warranty is still valid, the client manual should be your best help. 

  • Solution for Shocks

A possible solution for one of the truck leveling kit problems is introducing bigger shocks that won’t move or sever.

One must be assured that this substitution won’t be as high-quality as the factory-installed parts; hence, there might be a fall in the ride quality. 

Another progression in abstaining from such a fall in quality is by forgoing lifting the vehicle excessively out of proportion.

Once the height difference is kept to a minimum, you’ll still have resilient factory-installed parts. 

  • Installation Solution

One should use excellent leveling kits if the installation is a DIY process.

Keep in mind – you should give additional focus to the suspension. In a real sense, a vehicle relies on these now after there is a change in height.

One could likewise designate the most ideally equipped specialist for the work or watch several videos on YouTube if they opt to do the installation process independently. 

  • Solutions for the Tie Rods

As a proprietor, to address this issue, one will have to set up tie bars that are post-factory, intended for the difference in point made by the leveling kit installation. 

  • The Solution to Gas Mileage

Such a problem is quite hard to disregard. As there is an increase in height, the gas mileage of your vehicle will unavoidably diminish. No way can it be avoided. 

Typically, individuals who prefer faster vehicles adjust the height between their vehicle and the earth to quite a negligible extent under the circumstances.

However, that is a moot point—those who want gas mileage recovery attempt to increase the height as economically as it can be done. 

  • Solutions for Handling Issues

Such steering irregularities can frequently be relieved through custom steering wheels, which should have an equivalent length arrangement.

Ensure the tie pole is corresponding to your pivot. The track bar should be corresponding to the Panhard bar.

Use water-driven ram for bigger tires. Notwithstanding these, there’s the factor of steering stabilizers and maintenance too.

One must adjust their necessities as per your driving style, and they ought to be all set. 

  • Solution for Suspension Errors

The solution to these leveling kit issues includes spring advances, shocks, reservoir, and Coilover shocks. One will need to tune them to what they are comfortable at and change the height.

Likewise, the other option is to pick traction bars and custom leaf springs, eliminating undesirable moves and restraining wild suspension behavior.

Once these solutions are adopted, you can certainly take care of the leveling kit issues, thereby ensuring your vehicle will have a longer service life.

Common but Important FAQs for Dodge Ram Truck Leveling Kit Problems

Q: Why are the leveling kits cheaper?

Ans: A leveling kit is significantly more affordable than a lift kit for a few reasons.

One of the most significant explanations is that there are simply lesser parts required for leveling the suspension contrasted with the parts necessary for lifting a vehicle for 3 inches or more. 

A full set of lift kits and frameworks frequently need a swarm of dropdown brackets and different parts.

The most affordable leveling kits normally don’t require a wheel travel adjustment. Such kits just set the height of the ride to 4×4 somewhat higher. 

Q: Is getting the cheapest leveling kit recommended?

Ans: While something could threaten your life, picking the correct leveling kit will rely upon how you intend to utilize it.

Whatever you are going to get will depend upon how much you can afford to spend.

For those who want to move around in the city in a 4×4 with a level position, the most economical leveling kits will make a fine showing.

If rough terrain performance and handling are significant, you’ll probably need a marginally more complex and exorbitant leveling kit. 

Q: How much lift can I expect with a leveling kit?

Ans: A leveling kit’s amount of lift is often determined by the vehicle model that is being leveled. Several models of the vehicle have different rake measures in the position. 

A few vehicles require marginally more lift than others to get a level position.

Most leveling kits give a lift of 1 to 2.5 inches. A leveling kit might not be the right option for any driver having a specific tire size and lift stature as the main priority.

Under such a situation, you might need to think about a full lift system. 

Q: What are the ideal tire sizes for a leveling kit?

Ans: Since most kits offer a lift of 1 to 2.5 inches, there are limited options for your tire size.

For the most part, you ought to have the option to fit a tire that is one to two sizes bigger than stock. Some applications may permit a tire that is up to three or four sizes bigger than stock. 

How you utilize the vehicle, the measure of tire rub you can live with, and the bumper management you are eager to make will direct the biggest tire size conceivable.

For instance, a road-driven truck might never have a tire rub with a leveling kit and given tire size.

Most leveling kit makers offer guidelines to tire size, and some even give wheel backspacing proposals. 

Q: Can shock extenders be used with leveling kits?

Ans: If you don’t have worn factory shocks and you intend to spend most of your time on the roads, or the vehicle you own as of now has in a way something better than the shocks, you can use the extenders to retain them.

Such extenders are not accessible for all applications, but they can be utilized to save money if your budget is limited. 

A few inexpensive leveling kits incorporate these extenders and are accessible with discretionary shocks.

Once a user decides to go with the extenders, they can generally get better shocks not far off according to their budget. 

Q: Can a leveling kit be installed at home?

Ans: Of the multitude of lift kits accessible, a leveling kit would regularly be one of the least difficult for installation at home.

Whether you can install a leveling kit in your own carport will ultimately rely upon the capacities of your wrench.

As few trucks with free front suspension can require more intricate installation.


To avoid the truck leveling kit problems, consider the above factors mentioned above and keep in mind their solutions.

Once again, to avoid terrible accidents and extend your vehicle’s service life, always go for high-quality leveling kits.

Usually, they aren’t that expensive, and even if you have a limited budget, these can be the best bet for your vehicles. 

No matter whatever vehicle you own, irrespective of its model or make, they are precious to you, and to keep it running in top condition, you’d need the perfect gear, like the leveling kits (even if it’s a bit expensive at times!)  

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