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Winplus Car Jump Start Costco Review- Type S AC56789-AM 10000mAh Jump Starter

This Winplus Car Jump Start Costco Review would be very helpful for restarting the engine of sudden car stopping.

The Winplus Car Jump Starter Costco is a portable, safe and reliable device.

Costco jump starter is very similar to the battery of another car capable of jump-starting vehicles with a 12V battery, charging small electronic devices, and also providing portable LED lighting. 

Also, Winplus Car Jump Start Costco features built-in jumper cables, alligator clamps to attach to the battery in your car firmly.

Also, it protects against reverse charging, short-circuiting, over-discharge, over-heating, and polarity protection when jump starting.

Winplus Jump Starter Review: User Comfortable

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Especially if the alternator responsible for charging the car battery isn’t working correctly or the lights in the car are on for a long time without the engine running.

For moments like these, it is advisable to carry a portable jump starter in your vehicle.

With a Winplus car jumper, you can give batteries that are completely low the extra boost they need to start up an engine. 

The Complete Winplus Car Jump Start Costco Review 2021


Ultimate and user-friendly features make tools and accessories most valuable. We have to figure out all the special and required features it has.

Furthermore, all of the fantastic features Winplus Car Jump Start Costco possess are;

  • Portability and User-Friendliness

The Winplus Car Jump Starter Costco is a very easy and portable device that features an 1000mAh high-capacity battery built-in a heavy-duty aluminum case that can easily fit into the glove compartment in vehicles.

With only 2.69 pounds, this all-around 1000mAh battery is very straightforward and lightweight to use.

The included user manual and instructions in the Winplus car jump starter is elementary to use. 

  • Multipurpose Usability

Another fantastic feature of the Winplus AC55929-60 is its ability to charge mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or in fact, this jump starter can power devices that use a USB cable for charging.

This jump starter also features two USB (5V 2. 4A + 2. 1A) charging ports, and as such you can use it to charge two batteries simultaneously. 

With its 350amps peak current, Winplus AC55929-60 can jump-start any 12V car, motorcycle, truck, or boat battery.

It also features a built-in LED flashlight, hazard light, and strobe light that provides different lighting options for regular use or emergencies.

Provided the battery is charged, and you periodically charge it, you shouldn’t have any problems.

  • Compact Charging Facility

It is very easy to charge the Winplus Jump Starter even if you have very little knowledge about how gadgets like this work, you have nothing to worry about as you’d get everything you need with this kit.

Amongst the things you’d get with this kit are an included jump starter itself, an AC adapter, multiple functions either cable for charging, a jumper cable with alligator clamps, and the user manual.

You can use two different ways to charge this power bank. You can either plug it into a power outlet or charge it with a car charger en route.

Although charging with the AC adapter outside your car is more recommended.

Furthermore, this Winplus Jump Starter comes with indicator lights that tell the power level, which you can use to tell when its battery is charging and when full.

For instance, you’d know you have no power when the indicator light starts flashing, and when only one light bar shines you’d know the battery is 10%, at 2 light signify 25%, and three-light bars equals a 75% battery level.

All four light indicates a fully charged battery.  

  • Specifications and Performance

An exciting spec to love about the Winplus AC55929-60 car jump starter is the lack of complicated features you don’t need. You should only expect essential features, which means you wouldn’t find unnecessary buttons or procedures.

Specs on this jump-start include

  • Portable and sleek design that fits in the glove compartment of a car
  • Ability to start up any car battery with 12V, including the batteries used in boats, trucks, and motorcycles
  • 350Amp peak current
  • 10000mAh battery
  • Bright LED flashlight 
  • Mobile device charging with 2 USB ports
  • Battery lights indicating the current level of the cell
  • Smart jumper cables with alligator clamps have a built-in polarity protection

Also, there are so much more features to love about the Winplus car jump starter. Such as saving you the hassle of having to ask a stranger for help to jump-start your car battery or to use their phone or in cases of emergencies.

More so, Winplus Type S AC56789-AM has some essential features to prevent time out, reverse charging, low voltage, over-discharge, short-circuiting, and overheating.

Some other notable features are

  • Compact, easy to charge, and lightweight
  • 3-mode USB flashlight
  • Can charge car batteries in
  • less than 3 hours


  • Easy to Use

Hooking up the Winplus jumper pack to the car battery is a pretty simple task, and they follow thus; 

  • Take the jumper cable’s blue end and plug it into the power bank jump-start socket, located underneath the black cover.
  • Connect the positive (+) terminal, which is the red clamp on the car battery. The positive battery terminal is usually quite more prominent than the negative terminal, and it has a positive (+) sign marking. 
  • Connect the black clamp to the negative (-) terminal on the car battery; the negative usually has a negative (-) sign. 
  • Press the power button on the jump starter once and check that the power level indicator is three solid lights (51%) or higher
  • Once the clamps are in the right connection with the battery, turn the power button on for the jump starter.
  • Once turned on, the jump starter transfers its 350amp peak current to the battery and “boosts” the battery’s cranking amps.  
  • Before starting the vehicle, be sure you’re not leaning directly over or touching the battery, and the wires of the jump starter unit are not close to any moving parts.

Do not connect the red clamp (+) and the black clamp (-) simultaneously. Winplus recommends connecting the red clamp first, then the black clamp. 

  • Next, start the vehicle.
  • As soon as the engine starts, the indicator box starts to blink red. 
  • You now have 30-60 seconds to start the vehicle before the jump starter times out and also to prevent the vehicle battery from reverse charging the unit. 
  • Keep the engine running for 20 to 30 minutes, or drive the car to recharge the battery.

Since the jump starter only puts out its peak current, it cannot charge a car battery even with plugging it in for a long time.

However, dirt and corrosion on the terminals of the battery can inhibit a proper connection between the battery and the alligator clamps, thereby limiting the transfer of optimum current from the jump starter to the car battery.

It is also important to take care of your car battery and its terminals are just as you should care for your jump starter pack itself.

Buying Considerations of the Winplus Car Jump Start Costco

Traditionally, jump-starting a car is from one car battery to another. Similarly, Jumpstarters like the Winplus jump starter review working mechanism is pretty much the same.

However, jump starters like the Winplus car jumpstarter have their own charged battery as their main component inside.

Some important points to have in mind before considering buying a car jump starter are; 

The Battery Capacity

Winplus battery boasts of 10000mAh that contains the equivalent of 2.4g of lithium and gives 29.6watt-hours of power. 

Operating Technique

Jumpstarters have to be simple to operate. Winplus is very basic and easy to operate. However, there’s a user manual attached to the pack you can refer to for further clarity 

How Portable They are

Winplus Car Jump Start Costco is a very compact car jump starter that can fit into the cars’ glove compartment of cars 

Charging Ease

Winplus car jump starter can be changed easily by following these simple steps;

  • Step 1: At home, plug the USB cord of the power bank into a computer or a USB wall adapter. Alternatively, you can connect the jump starter with the micro USB port.
  • Step 2: The connection is by plugging the USB car adapter into the available 12V port or by connecting the micro USB cord into the jump starter in the car.
  • Step 3: Winplus AC55929-60 charges fully in less than 3 hours. Winplus recommends recharging the Jump Starter every 3-4 months to maintain the efficiency and prolong the internal battery’s service life even if the unit is not in use.

Befits and the Limitations of Winplus Car Jump Starter Costco

What We Like Most

01. Portability

One of the best features to look out for in this device is the size.

It is very portable around the size of a smartphone or mini tablet, which can swipe quickly into the glove compartment of your car.

02. Ability to Charge Multiple Devices

The charging capabilities of the Winplus car jump starter that allows it to be able to charge multiple phones and tablets, or any device with a USB power input point, come in handy during any emergency relating to vehicles.

03. Bright LED Light

Winplus features a built-in 3-mode LED flashlight, hazard light, and strobe light that provides different lighting options for regular use or emergencies. 

What Could be Improved

01. Inability to Hold a Charge  

Because of how little the battery capacity of the Winplus Car Jump Start Costco is when in comparison with the car battery itself, it cannot recharge the car battery.

Furthermore, if left plugged into the car battery, it becomes reverse-charged, i.e., the car battery begins to charge the jump starter. 

02. Poor Performance in Adverse Weather

In rainy or wet conditions, this Jump starter pack doesn’t perform well.

In such conditions, or when you don’t think your car battery would hold up, it is advisable to make sure the Winplus car jump starter review Kit is charged fully before starting your journey.  

03. The Battery Doesn’t Last Long

Although the Winplus Car Jump Start Costco charges full in less than 3 hours, it goes flat within 30-60 seconds when connected to your car’s battery, and worse, it could reverse charge. 


Winplus Car Jump Start Costco (Type S AC56789-AM) is a pretty portable and impressive car jump starter.

So, for a mix of both portability and performance, you can trust this Winplus car jump starter review to always come through for you.

It is also quite durable and with up to 10000 mAh battery you literally don’t have to worry about running out of power anytime soon.

When you’re planning to go camping or anywhere away from an electrical power supply, the Winplus (AC55929-60) is a perfect backup power supply.

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