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It’s time to honor American values and restore respect for our democratic institutions. We will bring government back to the people and ensure that no one is left behind. One of the reasons it’s so wonderful to be a central New Yorker is because of our proud history of working for justice in this region. We were at the forefront of the movement for abolition. We were at the forefront of the movement for women’s right to vote. We were at the forefront of the movement for environmental justice.

Let’s honor and remember those foundational fights for justice by coming together in our modern day movement for justice: to ensure every person has access to healthcare; every child has access to quality education; every community enjoys clean air, water, and food; everyone is treated equally under the law; and everyone has the dignity of work with which they can support themselves and their families. This is who we are, Central New York.


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Invest in Dana

Guaranteeing Healthcare

Strengthening Public Education

Protecting Our Environment

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

Revitalizing the Economy

Why I am running for Congress…

The people I love, the country I love, the values I love are all being threatened and I cannot stand idly by.

I’m standing up to fight for the things our community needs most: adequate, affordable healthcare for every person; an equitable, high-quality education for every child; policies that promote economic justice and meaningful employment; an insistence on racial justice and demand for equal treatment under the law for all people; protection of our natural resources and responsible stewardship of the Earth; a restoration of respect for our democratic institutions and American values. If you entrust me with the task of promoting the public good on Capitol Hill, my job will be to amplify the voices of our community and ensure that no one is left behind.

Why I support Dana Balter...

I’m with Dana because she understands that at this peculiar moment, we need to stand for a bold policy platform that will fundamentally improve the lives of people in Central New York. We have great promise and opportunity in our region, but also great challenges. Dana knows that if we don’t include all people in economic gains, that any progress we make rings hollow. I have faith that she will be a bold leader in Congress to achieve universal health care, reduce poverty, and create well-paying jobs in Central New York.

Why I support Dana Balter...

I support Dana Balter for Congress because she's passionately committed to public service, to crafting effective government policy, and to using the powers of government to protect the most vulnerable members of our richly diverse CNY community. She's an educator and a grassroots activist and has worked tirelessly since the November 2016 election to help organize effective responses to the Trump agenda. If you're concerned about universal healthcare, reproductive rights, climate change, criminal justice reform, education justice, or building a green economy in CNY, Dana is the candidate for you!

Why I support Dana Balter...

Had the pleasure of meeting Dana Balter on the eve of the Women’s March in NYC. Smart, compassionate & eager to build on our collective shared values to bring about real progress in government. At a time when we suffer through partisan politics, divisive leadership and a bully in our big house, she is a breath of fresh air. Good luck Dana Balter!

Why I support Dana Balter...

We need a representative who represents the people of Central New York, not the big money from Wall Street! Dana Balter is knowledgeable about the challenges our state and country are facing, and she is not afraid to speak up. She has the capability to advocate for critical issues like health care, equal rights for all, and environmental concerns.

Why I support Dana Balter...

If I could, I would vote for you even if you weren't my Aunt! You are so amazing for going for it and doing everything you can to enact change!! I'm so proud to share the Balter name with a woman like you!

Why I support Dana Balter...

Dana Balter is the person I want to represent the 24th district. She cares deeply about the environment, about justice, and about education, major issues that affect us all. She will meet with her constituents; she will listen to her constituents; and, she will ably represent her constituents in Congress.

Why I support Dana Balter...

I am supporting Dana Balter to Represent 24th District because she is the candidate who knows how to address my issues. She's as good of a listener as she is a speaker and she listens to the needs in our community. It is important that we have a candidate who will not only hold town halls, but one who will use those town halls to listen to the constituents and use that information to better address the needs of the community. She is the candidate who will do that, and that is why I am supporting Dana Balter for Congress!

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