Dana Balter for NY-24

I learned the value of fearless advocacy at a young age, growing up with a younger brother with cognitive disabilities. He taught me that we are stronger when everyone is included; we thrive when every voice is heard and everyone participates in shaping our community. So I’ve spent my life pushing our society toward that goal as an educator at a disability focused nonprofit and at universities, as a community organizer, and as the founder of a civic engagement nonprofit.

I’m proud to call central New York my home. When I moved here over fifteen years ago, I knew this was the place I would build my future. But I’ve grown increasingly frustrated watching the entrenched powers in Washington DC dictate policy that harms working families. We’ve been left out and left behind for too long. The fighting spirit I developed by my brother’s side requires me to stand up and demand better for myself, my neighbors, and our communities.

This is a time for leaders who do what’s right, not what’s easy. Strong, fearless leaders who will stand up to powerful interests and fight tirelessly for the people. I imagine a central and western New York where every person has a secure job that pays a living wage. Where every family has good healthcare that puts the patient first and doesn’t saddle them with debt. Where every child has an excellent school in which to learn and a safe neighborhood in which to play. Only then will everyone have the opportunity to succeed.

Everyone of us deserves a fair shot. That’s why I’m running for Congress.


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